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MB-11 Touch Up

Marble Etch Remover and Polishing Powder I Etch Remover

MB Stone Care


Polishing powder & etch remover for calcite based stones.

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MB-11 Touch Up is a unique combination of specialty abrasives and catalysts that make the art of marble polishing relatively easy to implement without the need of any power tool. MB-11 Touch Up is designed for spot polishing of most “water stains” or “rings” from polished marble, travertine, and any other calcite-based stone. Works best on lighter stones.


All powders are packed by weight and not by volume.


 Directions for use: Be certain to test product first on a spare tile or inconspicuous area for extra caution before use. Use rubber gloves at all times when handling the product. Apply approximately 1/8 teaspoon of powder to the dull spot to be restored. Using a spray bottle, spray a mist of water over the powder, making sure all the powder is moistened. If you do not have a spray bottle, you can pour a few drops of water onto the powder from a cup. The mixture should be a wet paste consistency. Using a clean, slightly moistened white piece of cotton cloth (a washcloth will do fine), rub until the area treated is dry. To finish with a “professional touch”, spray a bit more water to the area being treated, then using the same part of the cloth with product residue, rub in circles (with a little pressure). Then use a fast back and forth motion (with more pressure) until the stone surface is dry and shiny. This will make for a perfect blend. Repeat the process if needed. For the final cleaning, to eliminate any residue, spray a little MB-5 Stone & More Multi Surface Spray Cleaner, then rub it dry.


To determine if you need to seal your stone, try doing a water test on the stone's surface. Pour a little more than a tablespoon of water onto the area to be tested and let stand for approximately 10 to 15 minutes. Check to see if the water has absorbed any. If it looks the same, then you probably do not need to seal the stone's surface. Another way to verify your findings, is to wipe away the water with a dry cloth and see if the stone looks darker. If the color hasn't changed, then you are still good to go without sealing. If the stone seems to look darker in color, then you would benefit in sealing the stone's surface. We would recommend using MB-24 Barrier to seal your stone's surface after using the MB-11 Touch Up and MB-5 Stone & More. 


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  • Nov 21st 2019 / Teresa


    MB Touch Up

    This product worked easily and effectively on the etching on my marble bathroom vanity. Plus, the staff was so kind and patient with me and answered all my questions! Great product and people.

  • Jul 17th 2019 / Wendy


    MB 11 touch up etch remover marble

    This product is amazing. Our bathroom countertop was etched all over from hairspray and I thought it was ruined. This product completely restored the marble finish like new again.

  • Jul 7th 2019 / AB`


    Miracle worker!

    This etch remover worked immediately on a vinegar "etch" left on my marble table! I had tried the baking soda paste home remedy and no success. First try with this and it gone in a flash!! So thankful to have this for the future!!

  • Apr 3rd 2019 / LM


    Very good product

    I bought this for my marble table with a 'shiny' finish. It had two types of scratches (neither was the kind you could feel, they were very superficial). One was a small, random black one that we have no idea how it came to be...the second was a small group of 'transparent' ones from a razor blade I used to get rid of some 'gunk'...This worked like a dream on the black one. It instantly disappeared, I couldn't believe it! However, on the transparent scratches it had little effect. I am still happy as you can only see the transparent scratches in certain light and if you know where to look; it's the little black scratch that was annoying me big time, and this worked perfect for it.

  • Jan 13th 2019 / Elizabeth


    Worked great!

    I accidentally sprayed my stone floor with an acidic cleaner. After searching for a long time, I decided to give this a try to get the etch marks out. Came out on the first try, tile looks great!