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Your go-to solution for effortlessly removing those bothersome "water stains".

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Making Marble Polishing a Breeze! MB-11® Touch Up is a remarkable blend of exclusive abrasives and catalysts that allows you to effortlessly achieve stunning marble polishing results, without relying on power tools. Say goodbye to cumbersome methods and say hello to a simpler way of restoring your marble’s natural beauty!

Specifically created for spot polishing, MB-11® Touch Up is your go-to solution for effortlessly removing those bothersome “water stains” or annoying “rings” from any polished marble, travertine, or calcite-based stone. Its magic works wonders, especially on lighter stones, leaving them gleaming and spotless. Experience the joy of marble polishing made easy with MB-11® Touch Up. Say hello to breathtaking marble surfaces and bid farewell to the complex and time-consuming methods of the past. Join countless others who trust MB-11® Touch Up for its simplicity and incredible results.


  1. NOT for honed finishes!
  2. NOT for dark stones!
  3. All powders are packed by weight and not by volume.


  • Be certain to test the product first on a spare tile or inconspicuous area for extra caution before use.
  • Use rubber gloves at all times when handling the product.
  • Clean the surface with something like our Easy Oxy Daily Cleaner.


  1. Use rubber gloves. Grab a clean white cloth or microfiber and fold it twice to make 4 layers. Wrap it tightly around your fingers/knuckles. Hold the loose portion of the towel in your hand so that it stays out of the way while you work. Dampen the wrapped fingers by spritzing them with water. Remove any excess water as you want your cloth damp, not wet.
  2. Tap your damp cloth into the powder in the jar to get a THIN layer on your wrapped fingers/knuckles. There should be a consistent layer of powder, but no excess flaking off.
  3. Rub the affected area vigorously with the wrapped fingers in a back-and-forth motion. This should be done quickly and with a lot of pressure. After about 10 back-and-forth motions, finish up with a few circular motions. 
  4. If you have any residue left do NOT wipe it away with the cloth until you have neutralized it with a pH-neutral cleaner like our MB-5. Use the loose part of the towel to wipe away the paste in a single motion. Spray the spot with a pH-neutral cleaner and buff clean with a SECOND microfiber cloth. Do NOT use the same cloth used to apply the product.
  5. Inspect the repaired area and repeat the process with the same cloth as necessary. Adding more water if needed. 

Sometimes the area may need to be resealed. To determine if you need to seal your stone, try doing a water test on the stone’s surface.

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