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LiquaGlass, the ultimate solution for quick and effortless chip repairs on your natural stone surfaces.


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LiquaGlass is a high-speed, crystal-clear epoxy designed specifically for filling chips and holes in stone surfaces. With just a simple heat gun, this incredible epoxy dries in just 12 minutes, allowing you to swiftly move on with your projects. And here’s the best part – you have full control over the finishing touch! If you prefer a smooth, razor blade flush, go ahead and scrape it to perfection. Alternatively, if you delicately glide the glue over the chip with a razor blade and let it dry naturally, no scraping will be necessary. How convenient is that?

Although LiquaGlass reaches its full cure potential in 90 to 120 minutes at room temperature, it’s important to note that slight variations may occur in more humid environments. But fear not, as rest assured, this trusty adhesive will never let you down. It’ll dry completely clear, just like sparkling glass! No more worries about unsightly patches or uneven surfaces. Its glossy finish will leave your repaired area looking flawless, and thanks to its no-shrinkage formula, you can seamlessly fill the chip, gently blade it, and let it dry – it’s as easy as that! So say goodbye to stressful chip repairs and welcome the efficiency and convenience of LiquaGlass into your life. Get ready to handle those repairs like a pro!


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  • Clean the stone with something like our MB-5 Stone & More Daily Cleaner.
  • Dry the surface and allow it to dry completely.
  • Glue should be room temperature or slightly warmer. (DO NOT HEAT.)
  • Epoxy temperatures are sensitive. If used at 72 degrees Fahrenheit the glue will harden in 10 minutes. The warmer it is the faster it hardens.
  • When dispensing glue, use slow deliberate plunges. Rapid plunges will not allow the nozzle to recharge.


  • Using a single-edge razor blade, hold the blade at a 90-degree angle from the surface to scrape over the chipped area to remove any loose pieces. (Remember to be careful as the blade if not used correctly can scratch the surface of some stones.)
  • Clean the area with acetone or denatured alcohol.
  • Prime part A and part B by depressing plungers until the epoxy comes out.
  • Throw away the mixing cup.
  • Use a new cup to dispense 20 pumps of part A and 10 pumps of part B. Stir for 30 seconds.
  • Apply the mixture to the chip.
  • Using the razor blade draw excess epoxy over the chipped area.
  • Wipe excess on a paper towel.

In 2 hours the flue will be hard. If you find any residue on the surface of the stone, simply scrape it off with the razor blade.

Product Description

LiquaGlass Kit includes:

(1) Glue

(10) Mixing Cups

(10) Mixing Sticks

(1) Set of Instructions

LiquaGlass Kit is a fast, water clear epoxy for easy chip fills. LiquaGlass is a revolutionary product that will save you time and money. It is a super fast water clear epoxy for filling chips and holes in stone. This product will dry in 12 minutes when used according to instructions with a heat gun. Once dry, you can scrape it flush with a razor blade if that is how you want to work it. If you slowly draw the glue over the chip with a razor blade and let it dry flush, it will not require scraping. Left at room temperature the glue will take 90-120 minutes to reach full cure. If it is humid where you are, then the time may increase slightly. This glue will dry clear – clear like glass! It dries with gloss and since there is no shrinkage, you can fill the chip, blade it flush, and just let it dry!




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