Granite & Marble Chip Repair Kit

Granite & Marble Chip Repair Kit

Granite Repair Kit I Granite Chip Repair Kit I MB Stone Care

This kit is perfect for any DIY enthusiast or anyone who needs to repair any chips, nonstructural fissures, or even structural cracks in granite.

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Need a handy solution to fix those pesky granite and marble chips or cracks? We’ve got you covered with this Granite & Marble Chip Repair Kit! This kit is perfect for any DIY enthusiast or anyone who needs to repair any chips, nonstructural fissures, or even structural cracks in granite. Included in this package are all the tools you’ll need to get the job done and done right! We’re providing you with quick-setting epoxy, masking tape, mixing sticks, razor blades, and latex gloves. We also don’t forget the all-important stone sealer and a detailed instruction sheet for your convenience.

One of the standout features of this kit is the LiquaGlass – an amazing water-clear fast-setting epoxy! This innovative product simplifies the process of filling your chips with glue that settles and dries just like glass. Everything you possibly need for an effective repair job is included in this Marble and Granite Repair Kit. With these tools and a little bit of know-how, you’re all set to regain your granite’s pristine look. Get ready to impress your spouse with your amazing DIY skills and your fresh-as-new granite! Fix it. Love it. Score big with your other half!

Granite & Marble Chip Repair Kit includes:

  • (1) 3oz LiquaGlass Chip Filler (1.5oz part A, 1.5oz part B)
  • (1) 1 1/2″ x 60yd Masking Tape
  • (10) Single Edge Razor Blades
  • (10) Mixing Sticks
  • (10) Mixing Cups
  • (5) Pairs of Latex Gloves
  • (1) 1/4 Liter Tenax Hydrex Sealer (covers 40-50sqft)
  • (1) Set of Instructions


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  • Make sure the area to be repaired is clean and dry.
  • After cleaning with something like our MB-5 or Easy Oxy allow plenty of dry time to avoid interference with adhesion.


  1. Use popsicle sticks or tongue depressors to mix equal parts of the Lamlock RocketGel epoxy A and B as per the directions. You can use a non-waxed paper cup or just a spare piece of brown cardboard (neither provided).
  2. Once mixed thoroughly per directions, it’s time to fill the chip. Take a new, clean mixing stick and use it like a trowel to move the glue over the stone. (After application place the container with the remaining mixed epoxy where it can stay until it has cooled to room temperature.)
  3. Allow the initial application to set up for 15 minutes.
  4. Use a clean razor blade to remove any excess epoxy, making it level.
  5. Remove the tape and place with other remnants that are cooling to room temperature.
  6. Grab another clean razor blade and at a 45-degree angle to the stone slice off any excess epoxy leaving the top of the repair the same plane as the rest of the stone.
  7. It will take 24 hours to cure fully. After the full cure seal the stone with the Hydrex by Tenax to protect the shine from acid and make it stainproof.


  • If you get any of the Lamlock RocketGel on the surface, it should be easy to remove. Just simply rub it off with your thumb.
  • A full cure is 24 hours!
  • If you have questions on this product, we recommend contacting the manufacturer directly. Defusco Industrial Supply @ 800-289-6834.

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