Stone Color Enhancer and Sealer | MB 21 Enhance

This sealer is a high-grade, VOC-compliant solution made especially for homeowners and contractors.


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MB-21 isn’t your ordinary sealer. It’s a high-grade, VOC-compliant solution made especially for homeowners and contractors. Its biggest deal? You can use it with absolute ease. Although potent in its action, MB-21 Enhance is extremely user-friendly. It’s clear – and it doesn’t come with any strong, unpleasant smell. Plus, it’s totally safe – it’s not flammable at all!

What’s even better? It’s an all-around worry-free solution. You can safely use this sealer on food prep surfaces. And guess what? It isn’t sensitive to most of the common household acid substances. And the best part is, it not only packs a punch in terms of sealing capabilities – it’s excellent at protecting against oil and water-based staining agents.

But, we’ve saved the best for last. MB-21 Enhance isn’t just about protection. It’s also about making your stones look their absolute best. Its color enhancers work magic on bringing out the natural hues of your stones. Dark colored stones? Those will get the lustrous, ‘wet’ look.


  1. Coverage: 100-200sqft depending on the porosity of the stone.



  1. Wearing rubber gloves apply the product liberally with a brush or clean rag to manageable areas whether on floors or tops.
  2. Let the product sit for 15 minutes, all the while keeping the surface wet.
  3. Remove the excess product thoroughly from the surface. DO NOT LET THE SEALER DRY ON THE SURFACE.
  4. Buff the surface with soft rags or paper towels until dry to the touch.
  5. Proceed to the next section overlapping the previous section and repeat the process.

A minimum of two coats are suggested. Cure time is 24 hours before use and 36 hours for full cure.

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