Granite Reconditioning Kit

Granite Reconditioning Kit

The ultimate solution for bringing dull granite back to its vibrant glory.


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Our team of expert professionals has taken great care to create an incredibly user-friendly system that will make the entire process a breeze for you. Say goodbye to your worries and say hello to a beautifully restored granite surface with the help of our thoughtfully designed kit. You won’t have to figure it out on your own; each package includes easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions that will guide you through every aspect of the reconditioning journey.

Granite Reconditioning Kit includes:

  • (1) Easy Scrub Deep Cleaning Cream Quart
  • (1) MB-5 Stone & More Spray Cleaner Quart
  • (1) MB-20 Granite Polish 8.5 oz
  • (1) Measuring Scoop
  • (1) MB-24 Barrier Quart
  • (1) Finito Ultimate Spray Polish Quart
  • (5) 5 Inch Hogs Hair Pads
  • (5) 5 Inch White Polishing Pads
  • (3) 8 Inch Microfiber Pads

The following directions are an average recommendation. Different stones may require different quantities of the product along with various techniques. If you are in doubt, do not hesitate to call us.

  1. Sweep or wipe down the surface with a dry cloth to remove any debris.
  2. Spray surface down with MB-5 Stone & More Multi Surface Spray Cleaner or Easy Oxy Multi Surface Spray Cleaner.
  3. If any food or other items are stuck to the surface, carefully scrape off the surface with a single-edged razor blade and remove debris from the top. 
  4. Apply Easy Scrub to the surface and work the product in with a white pad on low RPMs (600-800). Work in one section at a time. 
  5. Spray the surface down with a spray cleaner and wipe it down thoroughly until no residue is left. Use a terry cloth or Microfiber towel.
  6. Polish the surface with MB-20 Granite Polish with a white pad or hogs hair pad. Work in sections, 4 square feet at a time. 
  7. Spray the surface down using the provided MB-5 Stone & More Multi-Surface Spray Cleaner. Wipe and dry thoroughly. 
  8. If a sealer is necessary, apply MB-24 Barrier impregnating sealer using the instructions on the bottle. 
  9. After the sealer is dry and the stone has returned to its natural color, apply MB Ultimate Spray Polish on the surface and buff in with a Microfiber pad until dry. 

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