MB-1 Floor Amore

MB-1 Floor Amore

Marble Floor Cleaner I Granite and Stone Floor Cleaner

Designed with a delightful twist, this highly concentrated and slightly alkaline cleaning agent has everything you need to keep your surfaces gleaming.


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MB-1 Floor Amore Marble Floor Cleaner

Say goodbye to grime and dullness with our extraordinary MB-1 Floor Amore!

What sets MB-1 apart is its unique rinse-free formula. It effortlessly eliminates dirt and grime without leaving behind any unsightly film. Thanks to its exceptional organic salts, your natural stone surfaces are treated to a much-needed “moisturizing” effect, safeguarding them from drying out.

Safe To Use On Water-Resistant Hard Surfaces

But that’s not all – our detergent boasts remarkable optical brighteners that enhance the finish and radiance of your cherished surfaces. From luxurious marble to elegant granite, MB-1 Floor Amore Quart works wonders. And here’s the best part: it’s gentle enough to be safely used on natural stone, hardwood, ceramic, resilient tile, and any other water-resistant hard surface.

Discover a cleaning experience like no other with MB-1 Floor Amore. Bring back the natural beauty of your floors and enjoy a streak-free shine that lasts. Embrace the power of this all-in-one solution today!


  1. Mix approximately 1 to 3 ounces (4 to 12 cap fulls) according to soil conditions with 1 gallon of warm water.
  2. Mop as usual.

DO NOT RINSE. Rinsing would remove the organic salts in the formula that were designed to remain on the floor surface. DO NOT use more product than the proportion indicated. Though no damage would occur, rinsing would be necessary to prevent a buildup.

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Technical Information Details
Product Name MB-1 Floor Amore
Technical Rating (1-Easy, 5-Difficult)
Best Used On Natural stone, hardwood, ceramic, resilient tile, & water-resistant hard surface.
Application Method Mix, mope, & leave (do NOT rinse).
Applicator Mop, microfiber towel, etc (NOT included).
Coverage Makes 32 – 96 gallons per quart bottle (if mixed per directions).
Available Sizes Quart and gallon. For larger sizes please call us at 888-509-5831.
Developer MB Stone Care®

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