How-to Guide: Effectively Clean Ceramic Tile Flooring

How-to Guide: Effectively Clean Ceramic Tile Flooring

Ceramic tile flooring is becoming more and more popular for plenty of reasons.

Ceramic tile flooring is becoming more and more popular for plenty of reasons. For one, they are durable for their price point. The plentiful options for styles, patterns, and colors are another big bonus. And yet, just like any other type of flooring, you still need to clean them.

Keep in mind that ceramic tiles are a different category of flooring. Hence, it requires a bit of understanding on how to clean it properly so that you won’t damage them. Thankfully, you have nothing to worry about because this article will show you how to clean your ceramic tile floor.

Light Cleaning

If you want to minimize your effort but still want to keep your ceramic tiles clean and look great, you might want to adopt a light cleaning routine. You only have to do this a couple of times per week. Skipping light cleaning will lead to more laborious cleaning work.

You’d want to start with vacuuming or sweeping the ceramic tiles. Grit, sand, and other debris may scratch the surface of your tiles, making them less durable and unsightly.

Once the dirt is removed, the next step is to mop the floors. You’d want to mix a cleaning solution and hot water in a bucket. It’s highly advised that you use a cleaning agent specialized for ceramic tiles like MB-1 FLOOR AMORE. Using other cleaning agents may be too strong or too weak to clean the ceramic tiles effectively or safely. However, if you are short on supplies, a mild detergent is the second-best option.

You’d also want to use a chamois mop or rag. You don’t want to use a sponge mop as it tends to push the dirty water into the grout and soil it. If the water gets too dirty or cloudy, you should change your cleaning solution. Again, you don’t want dirty water seeping into the grout. Also, you reduce the chance of leaving a hazy film or dirt on your ceramic tiles. If you end up with a hazy film on the flooring, you can easily remove it with an all-purpose cleaner. Ensure that you use a non-abrasive cleaner to avoid scratching your ceramic tiles.

Deep Cleaning

Once in a while, you’ll need to do some deep cleaning to bring back the luster of your ceramic tiles. Of course, if you don’t do light cleaning often enough, you’ll have to do more of the deep cleaning routine. Our MB-2 Alkaline HD is a great tile and grout cleaner that is made to deep clean those floors.

Wrapping It All Up

If you want to keep your ceramic tiles looking fresh and clean, you should do regular light and occasional deep cleaning. And don’t allow staining agents to sit on the ceramic tiles for too long, and keep your tiles deep cleaned every so often.