10 Tips for Cleaning and Maintaining Natural Stone Floors

10 Tips for Cleaning and Maintaining Natural Stone Floors

Wave Goodbye to Doubts about Natural Stone Floor Maintenance!

Are you tearing your hair out over the best ways to maintain your natural stone floors? You’re in the right place! Maintaining beautiful floors for years isn’t rocket science—it’s all about a little knowledge and effort nested together. Our rockstar team at MB Stone Care has crafted a sizzling list of 10 hot tips. Get ready to wave your magic mop and keep your natural stone floors sparkling beyond eternity. Buckle up, stone floor owners, your ultimate guide to effective cleaning and maintenance is just around the corner!

Tip 1: Understand the Type of Natural Stone Floor You Have

Whatcha got underfoot? Yup, you need to figure out what type of natural stone graces your abode. Here’s the kicker: not all natural stones are created equal. Some are divas, all porous & acid sensitive, demanding extra attention (like frequent cleanups or sealing). So, identify that stone – is it a marble madam or a limestone lad? Once you do, find out exactly how to pamper that pouty stone and keep your floors shining like a diamond in the rough. You’ll find tons of articles to help in our guides section.

Tip 2: Regularly Sweep and Dust Mop the Floor

To ensure your natural stone floor sparkles like the top of the Chrysler building, it’s vital to engage in routine broom waltzes and dust mop tangos. You gotta choose your dance partners wisely, though. Stick with a soft bristle broom or a microfiber dust mop – they’re kind on the surface and they won’t scratch up your dance floor. Make it a recurring date in your calendar – a floor left unattended may turn into a dustball disco, and no one wants that!

Tip 3: Mop the Floor with a pH-Neutral Cleaner

When it’s time to give your lovely natural stone floor a good mop, be sure to pick a cleaner that’s pH-neutral and made especially for natural stone. Kindly follow the guidelines from the manufacturer to prevent any harm to your floor. Additionally, take extra care in preparing your cleaning mix and use suitable tools – it’ll help you avoid unwanted streaking or leftover residue. 

Tip 4: Avoid Harsh or Acidic Cleaners

It’s important to know that tough or sharp cleaners can harm your precious natural stone floors, leading to marks and color changes. Always steer clear of cleaners that have stuff like vinegar, lemon juice, or any acid-based ingredients in them. They aren’t friendly to your floors! Instead, make sure to choose cleaners that are pH-neutral. They’re super gentle on your stone and won’t cause any harm. It’s a smart and easy way to keep those floors looking fabulous! 

Tip 5: Clean Up Spills Immediately

Be aware, natural stone floors are vulnerable to damage from spills if they aren’t cleaned up on time. So, if you accidentally spill something on your floor, make sure to take care of it right away! All you need to do is grab a soft cloth or paper towel to blot the spill, then give the area a good clean with a pH-balanced cleaner. Don’t wipe! Remember, steer clear of abrasive tools or unfriendly chemicals as they could harm your beautiful stone surface. Let’s keep that floor bright and shiny! 

Tip 6: Protect the Floors from Scratches and Scuffs

To keep your natural stone floors looking sharp and free from scratches, think about using furniture pads below weighty objects like tables and chairs. Also, watch out for those hard-soled shoes you wear, they could accidentally harm the floor surface. High-traffic areas are going to experience wear and tear, but doing small things like this can give them a bit more time before having to get a professional in to correct any damage.

Tip 7: Seal the Stone

Water, oil, and who knows what else can ruin the beauty of your natural stone in no time. But there’s a way out! A stone sealer can be your best ally in the war against stains. Keep one thing in mind though, not all sealers are the same, you need one that gives your unique stone a big bear hug. And of course, don’t wing it – always follow the manufacturer’s guide to the tee! Yes, it’s that simple. 😉

Tip 8: Address Deep Stains or Etching

If your natural stone floors have deep stains or etching, you may need to contact us first before trying any methods to remove them yourself. While some stains or etches are very minor, some can be too far gone to perform any DIY solutions to try and fix. Fear not though, just send us some photos and we will do our best to guide you in the right direction.

Tip 9: Maintain Grout and Caulk

You know, grout and caulk can end up hoarding dirt and mess as the days pass, leading to a dull and not-so-pleasing look. To keep them fresh and clean, try using a pH-neutral cleaner along with a soft brush or cloth. If you spot any damage or discoloration in your grout or caulk, it might be a good idea to get a professional in to take a look. Or just send us some photos and we can help too. That’ll help in keeping your floors looking spic and span! 

Tip 10: Regularly Inspect and Maintain the Floor

Remember to give your natural stone floors a good look over on a regular basis. Spotting small signs of damage or wear like little cracks or chips right away can stop them from becoming bigger issues. With just a little bit of routine upkeep, your natural stone floors will keep looking stunning for a long, long time. So keep up with that maintenance and enjoy your lovely floors! 


By becoming an expert and grabbing the right toolkit, you can easily master this art form of cleaning your natural stone floors. After all, you want your grand entrance to shine bright for years on end. Utilize these 10 priceless tips, and when it comes to cleaning products, be fussy and pick the best. Shun those vile harsh chemicals and jump on any issues before they become (gasp!) irreparable damage. If maintaining your majestic stone floors gets too real, don’t suffer in silence. Give the wizards at MB Stone a shout. We’re on your team and ready to jump in!


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