Summer Vacation Tips and Tricks:

Summer Vacation Tips and Tricks:

Keeping Your Home Tidy

Summer is the perfect time for a vacation—whether it’s a week-long beach getaway, a mountain retreat, or a trip to a bustling city. However, leaving your home for an extended period can make you worry about returning to a cluttered, dusty space. Keeping your home tidy while you’re away doesn’t have to be a challenge. With a few simple steps you can ensure your home stays in top shape during your summer vacations.

1. Declutter Before You Go

Before you head out, take some time to declutter your living spaces. This isn’t just about tidying up; it’s about making sure everything is in its place. Here’s how:

  • Organize and Store: Put away items that are usually left out. This can include remote controls, books, and other personal items.
  • Clear Surfaces: Make sure countertops, tables, and other surfaces are clear. This not only looks tidy but also makes it easier to clean before you leave. It’s also important to make sure spillable items are not left on your natural stone. You don’t want to come home to any ghastly stains.
  • Donate or Discard: If you come across items you no longer need, consider donating them or throwing them away.

2. Deep Clean Key Areas

A deep clean of certain areas of your home can keep it looking fresh while you’re on summer vacation:

  • Kitchen: Clean out the fridge and pantry to avoid coming home to spoiled food and bad smells. Wipe down countertops and appliances with Easy Oxy and follow up with a protectant like Finito.
  • Bathrooms: Scrub sinks, toilets, and showers with the Bath & Shower Kit. Make sure to empty trash cans too before you leave.
  • Living Room: Dust all surfaces, including shelves and electronics. Vacuum or sweep the floors.

3. Prepare for Your Return

A little preparation can make your return home much more pleasant:

  • Fresh Linens: Change your bed linens before you leave. There’s nothing like coming home to a fresh bed.
  • Stock Essentials: Make sure you have some basic groceries and toiletries for your return. Non-perishable items like pasta, canned goods, and toilet paper are great to have on hand.
  • Close Curtains and Blinds: This not only keeps your home cooler but also prevents fading of furniture and floors from the sun.

4. Set Up an Automated System

Technology can help keep your home in order while you’re on summer vacation:

  • Smart Thermostats: Keep your home at a comfortable temperature and save energy.
  • Automatic Lights: Program lights to turn on and off, making it look like someone is home.
  • Security Systems: Install cameras and alarms for peace of mind.

5. Enlist Help

If you’ll be gone for an extended period, consider asking a neighbor or friend to check on your home. They can:

  • Collect Mail: Avoid a pile-up of mail, which can signal that you’re away.
  • Water Plants: Keep your indoor and outdoor plants healthy.
  • Quick Clean: Do a quick tidy-up to keep things in order.


A little preparation goes a long way in keeping your home tidy while you’re on vacation. By decluttering, deep cleaning, maintaining your natural stone surfaces, and setting up automated systems, you can ensure your home stays in top condition. For the best care of your natural stone, shop MB Stone Care for all your cleaning and maintenance needs. Enjoy your vacation with the peace of mind that your home will be just as you left it!


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