* Finding the Right Solution for a Natural Stone Polish

* Finding the Right Solution for a Natural Stone Polish

Natural stones bring an air of luxury and elegance to your home space. Nothing beats the beauty of shiny reflective stone surfaces. By all means, natural stones are an investment in your home value that requires regular upkeep and maintenance. MB Stone Care specializes in expert stone care supplies and solutions that transform your old and worn surfaces to brand new. Our stone care experts provide you with the finest natural stone polish solutions for every need. From drill attachments to polishing powders, with our impressive selection of products, you can discover the right solution for you.


1. MB-11 Touch Up

The MB-11 Touch Up is a stone polish staple. The etch-removing polishing powder is very efficient in removing spots from your natural stone surfaces. This product features a unique formula with specialty abrasives and catalysts that makes polishing a simple process without the need for power tools. It’s suitable for all calcite-based stones like marble and travertine.


2. MB-13 Stone Shine

The MB-13 stone shine polish spray can penetrate, enhance, smooth out, and beautify stone surfaces and achieve a factory-grade shine. The water-repellent product can reduce stains and marks by adding a protective layer to your natural stone. You can use it to restore your countertops, shower enclosures, or stainless steel surfaces.


3. Marble Repair Kit

This marble repair kit contains a set of dependable tools for natural stone polish and repair. The products can remedy light to medium etches, and light scratch patterns, and remove hard water stains from sensitive natural stones. The kit features the following products:

  • Quart of MB-5 Stone & More Multi Surface Spray Cleaner
  • Quart of MB-13 Stone Shine Spray Polish
  • 8oz MB-11 Touch-Up Etch Remover

The MB-5 Stone & More Multi Surface Spray Cleaner is a versatile cleaning tool with an efficient pH-neutral formula. Perfect for sensitive calcite-based stones like marble, the spray also works on glass and porcelain. It can become a vital part of your daily cleaning routine in no time.

MB-13 Stone Shine Spray Polish is a stone polish essential. It’s the right solution when you want to add a shielding layer to your natural stone that repels stains and marks. The MB-13 spray enhances your stone’s natural beauty and adds a breathtaking shine.

The MB-11 Touch Up is a product that simplifies polishing and removes persistent water stains expertly. Its abrasive-infused formula is highly efficient and perfect for marble stone polishing.


4. Ultimate Spray Polish

Ultimate Spray Polish is a ready-to-use product designed to polish, protect, and clean natural stone surfaces. It’s your best choice if you want a solution that can achieve a smudge-resistant stone surface. Apart from natural stones, you can also use the spray on metal, wood, stainless steel, vinyl, glass, and other materials.


5. MB-22 E-Z Polishing

The MB-22 E-Z polishing kit contains all the supplies you might need to polish your calcite-based stones and terrazzo. The kit contains:

  • 8oz MB-22 E-Z Polish
  • 5-inch Drill Attachment with Pad Driver
  • Two 5-inch Hogs Hair Pads
  • 5-inch White Pad
  • Set of Instructions

The MB-22 E-Z Polish is an excellent polishing powder for the wet-polishing method. It will help you achieve optimal results with minimal effort. The powder is safe to use and will not etch stone surfaces with splatters.


6. MB-20 Granite Polishing Kit

The MB-20 Granite Polishing Kit is a stone polish essential for granite owners. The high-quality products are suitable for granite, mercantile granite, serpentine, and more. This easy-to-use kit is designed specifically for homeowners and doesn’t require any expensive tools. The drill attachment in this kit works on a regular variable-speed household drill. The kit includes the following products:

  • 8.5oz MB-20 Granite Polishing Cream
  • 5-inch Pad Driver with a Drill Adapter
  • Two 5-inch Hogs Hair Pads
  • 5-inch White Pad
  • Set of Instructions

The MB-20 Granite Polish is a revolutionary product in the stone care industry. Its formula contains an exclusive mix of abrasives and polishing agents that can improve the appearance of granite from 20% to 30% better than the original.


7. 5-Inch Bonastre Pads

The eco-friendly 5-inch boasts pads are polishing discs that match multiple pieces of equipment. You can use them with low-speed polishers, scrubbers, or manual polishers. You can achieve a brilliant glossy finish just by using water. For more shine, you can add a polishing powder to the last step. The pads are perfect for polishing gentle calcite-based stones, such as marble, limestone, and travertine. They are also suitable for different types of finishes. You can use these color-coded pads in this particular order:

  1. Red – to eliminate minor damages.
  2. Yellow – to polish and prepare the surface.
  3. Green – to achieve a mirror-like effect.


8. Magic Renova Drill Kit

The Magic Renova Drill Kit is perfect for polishing those hard-to-reach areas. This drill kit can help you restore marble, limestone, and travertine. The products are simple to use, which means they are an excellent fit for both professionals and residential users. With this DIY kit, you can eliminate etching and polish your surfaces like a pro. You can use the polishing pads with just water making them very eco-friendly. If you wish, you can add a polishing powder in the last step for extra shine. The kit can be used with or without a drill. The Magic Renova Drill Kit contains the following products:

  • Drill Adapter
  • Pad Driver – 3-inch or 5-inch
  • One Of Each Color Magic Renova Pad – Red, Orange, Yellow, Blue, Green
  • Set of Step-by-Step Instructions

The pads should be used in the following order:

  1. Red – to remove minor etches and scratches.
  2. Orange – for surface preparation.
  3. Yellow – to achieve a high level of shine.
  4. Blue and Green – for a mirror-like finish.

This collection of MB Stone Care products gives you all the tools you need to keep your natural stones shining and stain-free. The list includes everything you might need for stone polishing, from marble and granite-suited kits to polishing pads and powders. Whether you’re a homeowner or a restoration specialist, you can find the right stone care solution among our products.


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