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5 Inch Bonastre Pads

Bonastre Pads I 5 Inch Bonastre Pads I Polishing Disc

$12.95 - $38.85

Bonastre Pads are an eco-friendly polishing disc that have multiple applications and can be used with different types of equipment: low speed polishers, manual polishers, or scrubbers. The best thing about Bonastre Pads are the amazing shine that is achieved using only water! Of course, polishing powder can be used in the last step to achieve a brilliant glossy finish. Bonastre Pads are suitable for polishing and/or polishing processes of surfaces such as marble, travertine, and limestone. This makes them great for working with different finishes, giving you the desired level of shine you desire for your surface.

Available in 5 inch size. 


The color-coded pads allow you to follow step-by-step instructions easily. 

Red Pad - Removes minor damage and hard water deposits

Yellow Pad - Polish and prepare the surface

Green Pad - Last step - Achieve a brilliant, "natural looking", glossy finish. Leaves surface looking "mirror like" and anti-slip.





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