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Magic Renova Drill Kit

Magic Renova Drill Kit - MB Stone Care & Supply LLC

$59.95 - $115.95
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Remove etch marks & polish like a pro with this DIY drill kit.

Magic Renova Drill Kit includes:

(1) Drill Adapter 

(1) Pad Driver - 3 inch or 5 inch

(1) Of Each Color Magic Renova Pad - Red, Orange, Yellow, Blue, Green

(1) Set of Instructions

This product can be used with or without a drill. No chemicals needed. 

Directions for use: Always use clean water with each step. If using a variable speed drill, adjust to medium speed. For other drills, feather the trigger to keep the speed down on the drill to avoid burning the abrasives. Follow the steps below until desired polish is achieved. Repeat process in areas where needed. Not for granite surfaces. Each step should only require approximately 20 passes with each pad.

Step 1 Red Pad - This first step will remove etch marks and minor scratches from the surface of the stone. To begin, add clean water to surface. Then, in a clockwise circular motion, buff the surface until there is a consistent matte finish. Rinse and dry the surface completely. Look to make sure surface looks uniform before continuing to the next step.

Step 2 Oranges Pad - This step will prepare the surface for a fine polished finish. Apply water to the surface, work in a clockwise circular motion until there are no scratches left on the surface from Step 1. Rinse and dry completely. Again, check for uniformity and make sure no scratches are left from the previous step.

Step 3 Yellow Pad - This step will create a high gloss, one you can see with a clear reflection from an angle. Apply clean water to surface and work in a clockwise circular motion until high gloss has been achieved and there are no scratches. Rinse and dry completely. Inspect your surface for uniformity before continuing to Step 4. Remember, the process ends when the desired finish is achieved. Continue to Step 4 if you desire a brighter look or a mirror finish to your stone.

Step 4 Blue Pad (and Green Pad) - This last step will create a mirror finish. Apply clean water and work in a clockwise circular motion until desired polish has been achieved. Rinse and dry completely. Repeat Step 4 one more time with fresh clean water. This will complete the process. 

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  • Aug 1st 2019 / Robert Hernandez


    Etched Marble

    This kit is amazing! I had horribly etched white marble and this kit actually made it better than when I moved in the house! Well worth the $115 paid!