9 Steps to Reseal Your Stone Countertop

9 Steps to Reseal Your Stone Countertop

There is a lot of confusion concerning the resealing of stone countertops.

There is a lot of confusion concerning the resealing of stone countertops. Not many people are fully knowledgeable about sealing countertops, and most of them can’t even tell if the countertops need resealing.

Today, you’ll learn how to reseal stone countertops, and it’s only a matter of a few easy steps.

What Does Resealing the Countertop Mean?

You might be confused by the whole terminology of resealing stone countertops. Resealing is the process of making your stone countertop repel liquids and such, giving you more time to clean up spills before they’re absorbed into the stone and stain it. Sealing is a process that many homeowners consider to maintain the shape and beauty of their countertops and something you should seek to find out how to master on your own.

When to Reseal Your Stone Countertop?

There is a simple test that you can do to determine whether or not to reseal your stone countertop:

  • Pour about a quarter-sized amount of water on the surface of your stone.
  • Allow it to dwell for 10-15 minutes.
  • If the stone becomes darker or the water soaks into the stone, then sealing is necessary.

By resealing it, you’re prolonging the amount of time your countertop will leave imperfections, thus maintaining its beauty. Check out this quick demo of how to test if sealing is required.

Things You Need to Reseal Your Stone Countertop:

There are many liquid cleaners and tool kits that you can choose from. Still, you only need the Countertop Kit for quality maintenance, including all the necessary materials for resealing your stone countertop.

These include:

You can purchase each of the materials separately, and they do an adequate job of resealing your stone countertop, which is more than enough to prolong its form.


The beauty of stone countertops is their longevity. Even if they start to degrade over time, you can restore and reseal them to make them look spotless again, and you can repeat the process over the years to maintain the gorgeous look.

On top of the longevity, the look and feel of stone countertops are simply beautiful, and it’s really hard to top with other surfaces out there. Now that you know how to reseal your countertop, you can sit back and relax, for you no longer need to worry about its look getting tarnished over time. Just reseal it, and it looks good as new.