Protect Your Stone

Protect Your Stone

for National Mojito Day and National Daiquiri Day

As we gear up for the tropical celebrations of National Mojito Day on July 11th and National Daiquiri Day on July 19th, it’s essential to ensure that your beautiful stone surfaces are well-protected from the inevitable spills and splashes that come with mixing and enjoying festive cocktails. MB Stone Care offers a range of products designed to keep your stone surfaces pristine, allowing you to focus on the fun without worrying about potential damage. Here’s how you can prepare your stone surfaces for the upcoming celebrations.

Step 1: Clean Your Stone Surfaces

Before the festivities begin, it’s important to start with a clean slate. MB-5 Stone & More Multi-Surface Cleaner is perfect for this task. This versatile cleaner is safe for all natural stone surfaces, including granite, marble, and travertine. It effectively removes dirt, grease, and grime without leaving any streaks or residues.

How to Use MB-5:

  1. Spray the cleaner directly onto the surface.
  2. Wipe with a soft, clean cloth.
  3. For tougher spots, allow the cleaner to sit for a few minutes before wiping.

Step 2: Seal Your Stone Surfaces

To protect your stone surfaces from stains caused by fruit juices, alcohol, and other cocktail ingredients, it’s crucial to apply a high-quality sealer. MB-24 Barrier is an excellent choice for this purpose. This premium-grade sealer penetrates deeply into the stone, creating an invisible barrier against spills and stains.

How to Use MB-24:

  1. Ensure the surface is clean and dry.
  2. Apply the sealer evenly using a clean cloth or brush.
  3. Allow it to penetrate the stone for 15-30 minutes.
  4. Wipe off any excess with a dry cloth.
  5. Let the sealer cure for 24 hours before use.

Step 3: Prevent Etching

Cocktails like mojitos and daiquiris contain acidic ingredients that can cause etching on certain types of stone, particularly marble. To prevent etching, it’s important to wipe up spills immediately and use coasters or mats when serving drinks.

Preventive Measures:

  • Use coasters under glasses and bottles.
  • Wipe up any spills immediately.
  • Avoid placing citrus fruits directly on the stone surface.

Step 4: Addressing Etching

If etching does occur, don’t worry—MB Stone Care has you covered. MB-11 Touch-Up is a fantastic product for removing light etch marks and restoring the surface’s shine.

How to Use MB-11:

  1. Apply a small amount of MB-11 to the etched area.
  2. Rub gently with a clean, soft cloth until the mark is gone.
  3. Wipe off any excess product and buff the area with a dry cloth.

Step 5: Maintain Your Stone Surfaces

After the celebrations, it’s important to maintain your stone surfaces to keep them looking their best. MB-5 Stone & More Multi-Surface Cleaner is ideal for daily cleaning, while MB-3 Soap & Mineral Remover can tackle any stubborn soap scum or mineral deposits that may have formed.

Daily Maintenance Tips:

  • Wipe up spills immediately to prevent staining and etching.
  • Use coasters and placemats to protect surfaces from glass rings and food stains.
  • Regularly dust and clean surfaces with MB-5 to maintain their shine and cleanliness.

Enjoy the Celebrations!

With MB Stone Care products, you can enjoy National Mojito Day and National Daiquiri Day without worrying about damaging your stone surfaces. By following these simple steps, you can ensure that your granite, marble, or other natural stone surfaces remain beautiful and protected, no matter how many cocktails you mix.


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