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This Carlisle grout brush is your new best friend for keeping your kitchen, bathroom, or dining room sparkling clean.


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You won’t believe how versatile this brush is! Whether it’s tile grout, hard floors, windows, or other surfaces that love attracting dirt, this Carlisle plastic brush is a true lifesaver. It’ll scrub away grime and leave everything shining like new!
And let’s talk about user comfort. With its ergonomic handle, this brush ensures you’ll have a firm and comfortable grip, making your cleaning experience a breeze. Plus, it even comes with a handy hanging hook on the end of the handle for easy storage – out of sight, out of mind! These stiff, synthetic bristles are designed with a crimped shape, which means they efficiently retain cleaning solutions. So, say goodbye to wasting cleaning products and hello to cleaner surfaces in no time!

Ready for the best part? This fantastic utility brush isn’t just for home use. It’s also perfect for commercial kitchens and janitorial settings. So, whether you’re a professional cleaner or simply looking to keep your space pristine, the Carlisle plastic brush is the ultimate cleaning tool for you.

Product Description

Keep your tile floors looking good as new with this grout brush. This heavy duty Flo-Pac grout line brush is perfect for scrubbing out those stubborn stains from your grout in between tiles. The 7-1/2″ grout brush has a swivel head and nylon bristles. You can easily customize the length and grip of this brush by attaching whichever coordinating handle you choose. Spruce up your restaurant by making sure the grout looks brand new again with this nylon grout brush.

Flo-Pac grout line brush, 7.5″ swivel head, black nylon bristles, handle not included


Frequently Asked Questions About Our Grout Cleaning Brush

Not all grout brushes are made equal. Learn more about our scrub brush for floor surfaces in the FAQ section below!

What is a grout brush used for?

Grout is a thick substance that can be used to reinforce structures or to fill in gaps. It is typically a blend of water, cement, and sand and is used for pressure grouting, among other things.

Since grout is typically more porous than most other surfaces and frequently found between tiles, it absorbs grime, water, and dirt more than most surfaces, and it may take additional elbow grease to adequately clean. Fortunately, the task of cleaning dirty grout can be simplified with the right cleaning brush. 

Grout brushes can be used to clean grout lines. They have a comfortable grip to increase leverage and lessen fatigue and nylon bristles that can be used on various joint widths to remove grout stains.

How do grout brushes remove dirt and grime from tile grout?

Scrub brushes are used in addition to a tile and grout cleaner. The cleaner emulsifies the soiling from the grout and tile surface. Then the brush is used to scrub it away and out of the grout.

Do I need a floor care product to use with this grout cleaning brush?

We highly recommend using a grout cleaner when scrubbing tile grout. While you could just use water, the brush will be more effective at removing dirt and grime when you use it with grout cleaning products. 

MB-2 Alkaline HD is a great cleaning agent to use when cleaning grout on a natural stone floor. It also works on multiple hard tile surfaces, making it the perfect tile grout cleaner for your tile floor.

How often should I use it to clean grout lines?

The recommended frequency of use will depend on a variety of factors, such as the amount of foot traffic the tile grout receives, your cleaning habits, and more. You can simply use the Carlisle brush as often as necessary to keep your tiles looking great.

Can I use this swivel grout brush to remove shower grout stains?

No, we don’t recommend using this Carlisle grout brush for the shower. You can use it in the bathroom just not recommended for the shower. You can but please consult us before doing so. Shower tile grout requires a more professional approach when cleaning is needed. 

Is it safe to use a scrub brush on hardwood floors and natural stone surfaces?

Yes, this grout scrub brush is safe to use on both surfaces.

Is this scrub brush for grout surfaces suitable for at-home use?

Absolutely. It’s the perfect DIY solution for cleaning tile grout at home.

Do you have more questions about our tile grout cleaning brush? We can help. Contact us today by calling us at (888) 509-5831 or sending an email to We will gladly answer any questions you have about this product!

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