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Easy Care Kit includes:

(1) Easy Scrub Quart

(1) Easy Oxy Quart with Sprayer

(1) Finito Ultimate Spray Polish Quart

(1) MB Microfiber Cloth

(1) White Microfiber Cloth

(1) Yellow Microfiber Cloth


The Easy Care Kit is the perfect combination of luxury and convenience. Everything you need to upgrade your natural stone fixtures is here! Indulge in the Easy Scrub Deep Cleaning Cream to banish water spots, soap film, dried food, oil and grease. It works on all surfaces, from marble to granite, engineered quartz, glass, tile, and stainless steel.

Follow up with a gentle treatment of Easy Oxy Multi-Surface Cleaner. It's an oxygenated, non-abrasive cleaner, perfectly suited for stainless steel, stone, other hard surfaces, and fabric. It's non-bleach, non-toxic, and biodegradable. Easy Oxy serves as an amazing degreaser which will leave your fixtures with a fresh, clean scent.

Bring it all together with our Finito Ultimate Spray Polish, ideal for all polished and honed surfaces. Your stone will be flaunting a glossy new look, and protected from water, scratches, and finger marks. You’ll have no trouble with routine cleaning! 

Made in the USA 

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