Why You Should Use Natural Stone for Your Bathtub Surround

Why You Should Use Natural Stone for Your Bathtub Surround

Natural stone bathtubs provide an elegant and luxurious feel while also adding warmth and beauty to any bathroom.

Natural stone bathtub surrounds are the perfect solution to your bathtub surround needs. They are also easy to clean, durable, and come in various styles for you to choose from.

Natural stone bathtubs provide an elegant and luxurious feel while also adding warmth and beauty to any bathroom. This post will outline all of the benefits that natural stone bathtubs offer so you can decide if it is right for you!

Why Should You Use Natural Stone for Your Bathtub Surround?

The very mention of the phrase bathtub surround conjures up images of comfort and grace. The beauty of a natural stone tub surround, whether polished or honed, may transform any bathroom into an oasis, a respite from everyday stress. Who wouldn’t want to sink into a warm bath surrounded by an onyx tub surround? In addition, combining an onyx tub cover with an onyx vanity top and black fittings would result in a classic, stylish design that would provide physical and mental enjoyment for a lifetime.

As they move away from the structured expression of tile, whether natural stone tile, porcelain, or ceramic, trendsetting homeowners and designers are falling in love with the seamless, clean lines of natural stone bathtub surrounds. Natural stone surroundings provide more than simply beauty and soul food. When you utilize natural stone, you create a feature in your house that will endure a lifetime.

Natural stone’s durability makes it an ideal choice for any bathroom. Furthermore, regardless of the natural stone used for the tub surround-onyx, travertine, marble, or granite-each slab is distinct, making each bathtub surround an original.

Efficiency and Comfort

The fact that stone maintains heat better than ceramic tile sets it apart from other regularly used building materials. The Romans were able to keep their stone flooring warm by using hypocausts, systems that circulated hot air beneath the floor of a room. The blazing stone walls would warm even the top apartments. The ceramic tile will remain chilly to the touch unless you run the shower for an abnormally extended period before entering.

On the contrary, natural stone holds heat very well, making cold mornings more bearable and absorbing conditioned air in the summer, making it ideal for bathrooms.

Unique Design Options

The variety of patterns, hues, and tints that can be found inside a single stone, such as marble or slate, is astounding. If you want to acquire the style you’re going for, it’s best to pick out your stone in person rather than relying on a photograph. You may choose from a broad range of alternatives in terms of the tiles themselves, ranging from more natural-appearing with varying shapes and sizes to more consistent slabs. Adding sea glass, shells, or other stones to the mosaic designs is a creative way to create a pattern that no one else will have.

Long-Term Investments

According to the vast majority of real estate experts, a natural stone bathroom adds value to any house that is put on the market. It’s a beautiful approach for maximizing your return on investment. Still, it also aids in the sale of your property by giving it an advantage over other properties in the region that might not.

Stone is more durable than ceramic tile and will last a lifetime with only essential maintenance, and will never need to be reglazed or resurfaced if adequately cared for. A natural-stone shower is now more inexpensive than ever before, thanks to its growth in popularity over the past several decades and more efficient stone-working processes.

Installation Flexibility

From 0.5″ to 12″ excellent; in diameter, the stone may be used in any place, regardless of strange forms or tight spaces, because it is available in a wide range of sizes. If you’re remodeling an older home, this is especially useful because of its distinctive layout. In addition, this enables you to coordinate and match your shower to stone tile flooring, countertops, or other feature work in your bathroom.

Easier to Maintain Than You’d Expect

If you’ve never lived with it, you’ll have difficulty believing that stone is challenging to keep. There is no reason why your stone can’t last a lifetime if you maintain a regular cleaning schedule and follow a few stone-specific care practices (at least).

Over time, the stone will not peel or discolor, and it is highly resistant to breaking.