What’s the difference between Formica and Granite Countertops?

What’s the difference between Formica and Granite Countertops?

When it comes to the different available countertop options, you have to pay close attention to how you plan to use your countertop.

When it comes to the different available countertop options, you have to pay close attention to how you plan to use your countertop. This means that most materials will go better in the kitchen or the laundry room than others. Sometimes, you can even pick different countertops for different purposes outside of their best uses. For instance, marble countertops are best in kitchen areas because they are more conducive to heat and other wet substances that touch the surface.

However, two stand out the most when it comes to the materials used in countertops: Formica and granite countertops. What are the differences between the two, and do these differences matter in purchasing and installing one for your home? Find out more below as we will compare the Formica vs. Granite countertops.

Formica vs. Granite

When it comes to countertops, these two are the most common ones you can find anywhere. This means that you will most likely encounter these in your department stores or hardware stores when shopping for the perfect countertop at home.

But let’s first define what they are before getting to the bottom and deciding which countertop is genuinely the best.

Formica Countertop

Formica is an unusual name for a countertop, but it exists for specific purposes. It’s not a material that has been formed to create the countertop, but rather a brand name similar to Xerox that attributes to photo paper, but in this case, countertops. The materials used in Formica countertops are a combination of wood, paper, and resin glued together to form a distinct shape that most people will see as a countertop. It’s formidable, high-quality, and has some of the most rigid designs for heavy use.

Formica is also laminated, which means thin layers of wood are stacked up on top of each other to thicken the structures of the countertop for use.

Granite Countertop

On the other side of the fence, granite countertops are made of natural stone, making them harder to break. These stones are compressed under deep pressure to form the actual countertop you see in homes today. Granite is one of the most common materials used for countertops, and it’s one of the most formidable materials that have ever been used in manufacturing countertops for commercial and home use.

A Comparison Between the Formica And the Granite

Here are the distinctions between the two in terms of:


Formica Countertops are made of laminated wood that is attached to a board core. This means that you have fewer options regarding what design you want your countertop to look like. Furthermore, granite countertops have a far greater number of options that you can choose from that will ensure that your home will look brilliant.


Typically, laminated countertops will cost you relatively cheaper than granite, which means that Formica countertops will range from $20-$50 per square foot. On the other hand, granite is made of rigid stones, which may cost you more, around $32-$75 per square foot.


Both are durable in their respects, depending on where you situate them. Formica may not be the most durable countertop ever to exist. Still, with minimal use and a reasonably docile environment, you should have no problem maintaining its shape in the long run.

Granite is one of the most durable surfaces you can find in a countertop, and regardless of where you put it, it’s going to last you a long time rather than have it damaged because of overuse.

The Conclusion

Both are great options for countertops, and it’s entirely up to you what you prefer in terms of pricing, durability, and appearance. When you want a more upbeat and flashy countertop, you may go with the granite countertop. However, it will cost you a lot more than staying with Formica, which is good enough for any situation.

In terms of value, the Formica countertop is quite hard to beat, but if you have extra cash to spend, then definitely go for the granite countertop, which will provide you with some of the best-looking countertops in the market t