Transform Your Countertops with a pH Neutral Stone Cleaner

Transform Your Countertops with a pH Neutral Stone Cleaner

​Sparkle Up Your Countertops with a Neutral Stone Cleaner!

Bored of always looking at those dull countertops? Say hello to our neutral stone cleaner. It’s essentially a reviving potion for every kind of stone surface out there. Whether you have the toughest marble or the tenderest sandstone, our cleaners wave off those persistent stains while keeping your countertop’s surface intact.

In this post, we’re spilling the beans on why our neutral stone cleaners are a godsend, which types of stone countertops play nice with our products, and of course, the do’s and don’ts of cleaning your countertops. Buckle up for some countertop enlightenment!

Types of Stone Countertops

Let’s talk about the many kinds of stone countertops out there. You’ve got granite, which is a hot favorite and stands out for how well it can take scratches and stains. Then there’s marble. Though it may not resist stains or scratches as well as granite, its classic, elegant look makes up for that. Quartz is another great choice, especially if you’re not keen on natural stone. It offers variety in colors and patterns. Finally, there’s travertine. This is a type of limestone that has a unique, textured look. If you’re all about that natural and rustic vibe, this could be your pick!

Why Use a Neutral Stone Cleaner

Using a neutral stone cleaner while scrubbing down your cherished stone countertops is an absolute game-changer. Why, you ask? For starters, it’s concocted just for stone surfaces, ensuring no damage or unsightly etching – a distinct advantage over those pesky acidic cleaners. Plus, choosing pH-neutral stone cleaners keep harsh chemicals at bay. When picking your potion, quickly scan the label for a safety thumbs-up for your specific stone countertop type. It’s a bit like finding your perfect match in the cleaning product version of ‘The Bachelor’- it’s about picking the one that best complements and safeguards your stone heart…err…countertop!

Other Tips for Maintaining Your Countertops

Besides the usual cleaning routine, here are some further hacks to keep your stone countertops looking fabulous:

Avoid Stains: Oops! Spilled something? Clean it up quickly to avoid any stains. Always blot never wipe. Remember, using coasters or placemats under your glasses and dishes will also help.

Say Bye to Scratches: Accidentally scratched your countertop? Well, don’t panic. A stone repair kit can do wonders! Or, you can always call the pros to take care of it. Either way you want to go when can recommend something or someone to help.

Seal the Deal: Don’t forget to seal your countertops every so often. It’s like putting an invisible shield around them to protect against stains and scratches. Enjoy your beautiful countertops for years to come! But don’t go wasting precious time or money, check out our youtube video on how to test your stone to see if it even needs to be sealed yet.


Summing it up, I’d dare say becoming chummy with a pH-neutral stone cleaner is practically your ticket to the never-ending beauty show of your stone countertops. Dance to the rhythm of cleaning and maintenance steps, and voila! Your countertops will seem forever caught in their best selfie. Our neutral stone cleaner comes with dollar-back guarantee that it’s safe for all stone-faced types. Get ready for your countertops to be THE talk of the town. Highly Recommended.


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