The Top 5 Ways to Add Stone Accents to Your Home

The Top 5 Ways to Add Stone Accents to Your Home

Stone accents can add some serious personality to your home or office.

Stone accents can add some serious personality to your home or office, and they’re not just limited to indoor areas—with the right stone, you can even use it outside in your landscaping!

To get started, take a look at these top five ways to add stone accents to your home.

1) Entryway

It’s often the first thing you see when you get home and a great way to personalize a space—from a simple bowl on your side table filled with fresh flowers in season to high-end artwork, rugs, or mirrors that add color and pattern. It’s also a great opportunity for you (or guests) to take off muddy shoes! Be sure it reflects your personality as well as your style.

2) Patio

Walk outside, and you’ll see them: colorful stone walkways, seating areas, walls, patios, and more. That may be what comes to mind when you think of stone accents in your home. But there are so many other ways that stone can work for you—whether indoors or out—and different kinds of stone accent materials that can work in a variety of spaces and settings.

3) Kitchen

Whether you’re redecorating your kitchen or just sprucing it up with a new stone countertop, adding stone accents is a great way to create balance in an otherwise heavy space. A few simple design elements can turn your ordinary kitchen into an extraordinary one. Start by swapping out old appliances and cabinets for sleek new ones that complement your countertops.

4) Bedroom

For a bedroom, adding stone accents can help you create an atmosphere of calm and tranquility. Invest in natural stone items like lamps or candle holders, or use smaller accent stones in your bedding. A stone headboard is both elegant and relaxing. Just make sure you keep it neutral with a soft color palette that won’t compete with your stylish new look.

5) Bathroom

Applying stone accents in your bathroom can help you create a stunning space while being a great alternative to tile. Granite, limestone, and marble are just some of the materials that can bring elegance and unique design ideas into your bathroom.

As you consider incorporating stone accents into your bathroom, there are a few things to keep in mind. If you’re opting for a natural stone material like granite or marble, make sure that it matches other elements in your bathroom, like countertops and fixtures.


Beautiful natural stone accents are a great way to add texture and style to any room in your home. These stunning, timeless features bring color and character into every space they’re added, with each different stone bringing its own unique personality. And since there are dozens of types of stone on Earth—including marble, granite, slate, sandstone, and more—it’s easy to find one that best fits your particular décor scheme.