* The Many Uses of Soapstone in Your Home

* The Many Uses of Soapstone in Your Home


Metamorphic, Comprised of Talc and Resistant to Acid and Heat

When you hear reference being made to soapstone, you may also refer to it as steatite. Soapstone is a type of rock that is metamorphic. This type of stone is characteristically composed of talc, which is the chief mineral of this type of stone. Moreover, soapstone can be composed of traces of iron compounds, magnetite, quartz, tremolite, mica, and chlorite.

This stone ranges from green to gray in terms of its coloring. The stone has the notorious soapy feel and is regarded as having a high level of resistance to both heat and acid. Soapstone is impermeable to most liquids. This material is soft and can easily sustain scratches, even just from a fingernail. Due to this characteristic of being soft, this stone is popular for creating sculptures. The main deposits that hold wide commercial relevance are in Norway, the USA, Brazil, and Canada.

Uses of Soapstone

Soapstone is used in regard to the manufacturing of chemical laboratory tables. It is furthermore used often to create beautiful countertops. It is additionally used in the construction of furnace linings as well as various types of electrical equipment. Moreover, this type of stone gained much popularity in being used as a type of ornamental stone. In addition, it is used to make countertops and kitchen sink combinations. It is also prevalent in the creation of vanity tops. Some varieties of soapstone can undergo an almost polished effect.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Soapstone

There are indeed plenty of advantages when it comes to the usage of soapstone in your home. As well, you will be pleased that there are very few disadvantages. This type of stone is considered to be ultra-resistant to acid. It is also tremendously dense, making it easy to care for since no sealer is required. This stone is truly a worry-free type of stone for your home, and it is enjoyable to beautify your home.

But it is important to realize that this is a soft type of stone, making it scratch easier. In giving consideration to the softness of this type of stone, it is easy to conduct repairs for the scratches with a few applications of regular 32 Natural Stone Maintenance and Restoration Sandpaper. Also, it is noted that regular applications of mineral oil will aid in ensuring that the color of the stone remains vibrant. Overall, this stone is gorgeous, easy to maintain, and truly enjoyable.

Applicable in The World of Home Design

This stone is beautiful and rich in color. The texture is smooth, and it makes the design of any home more luxurious and vibrant. Even though granite is a top choice of stone that is used in home design, soapstone is also being used more and is certainly worthy of usage for countertops and sinks. It is truly a top choice due to being so durable. Soapstone also serves well as exquisite flooring.


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