* Taking Care of Your Marble Top

* Taking Care of Your Marble Top


Marble is Beautiful But High-Maintenance

Marble is a surface that is high maintenance and porous. That’s why marble surface care can be a tricky business. But the reality is that marble is susceptible to stains from wine, oil, juice, and similar liquids. That’s because they seep deep into the rock.

When the staining has already happened, it’s hard to reverse. That’s why it’s imperative that when the marble surface is first installed, it be professionally sealed by a trained professional. And you can repeat the sealing process by yourself every six months by putting in a quality seal. This is a very important maintenance practice, especially if your marble surface is in the kitchen and you cook frequently.

Staining Tips

Suppose you find your marble surface continually being dripped on by wine, juice, or oil. In that case, it is highly recommended to dip a cloth into some drops of ammonia and one-half cup of hydrogen peroxide before starting to erase the stain. Repeat this process until the stain has disappeared.


Unavoidable Scratches

Scratches are inevitable. Marble surface care should be taken with an attitude “I won’t be shocked when I see long scratches or bumps on the surface.” Constant use makes it almost impossible to keep your marble surface in perfect condition all the time. Imagine this – slicing lemons on a butcher’s block, prolonged exposure to acids, and the kids playing with toys that leave scratches on the marble.

Regular Marble Surface Care

At least 3 to 4 times a week, dust your marble surface with a soft cloth. Then wash it with a dampened cloth using warm water and, if possible, mild dishwashing liquid. Remove the suds with another damp cloth. Don’t ever use dusting sprays and abrasive cleaners on the marble.

How to Make it Shine

After the cleaning, to make the marble surface shine, dry the top with a chamois cloth. Buff it up by rubbing in small circles the entire surface with a commercial stone or marble polish paste.

Recommended Marble Surfaces

Recommended marble surfaces include the Carrara marble, which is a gray version with soft veins from Italy. It is one of the least expensive natural marble surfaces on the market. If you want a rare luxury stone, acquire the Calacatta marble, which has a white surface and dramatic veins.

No matter what marble surface you choose, maximize their care and maintenance by following the almost daily washing and wiping procedures we have advised above, with the necessary materials that you need to buy. For additional protection, every six months, apply a protective sealant on the surface to make it last.

And lastly, never get discouraged when you or your kids blemish the marble surface with stains or with scratches due to consistent use. It is unavoidable, but your marble surface is an element of beauty in your home that you will always be happy with.



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