* Stone Polishing Products to Enhance Your Stone’s Natural Beauty

* Stone Polishing Products to Enhance Your Stone’s Natural Beauty

Generally, there are various products you can use to take care of your stone, depending on your goal. Perfectly maintained natural stone adds an element of elegance to any room or space. Evidently, natural stones need to be polished regularly for the ultimate high-quality feel and appearance.

Below are some expert-recommended natural stone polishing products ranging from drill attachments and pads to sprays and powders necessary for proper stone maintenance.


1. Marble Repair Kit

This marble repair kit includes;

  • simplify polishing and effectively removes persistent water stains.
  • Quart of MB-13 Stone Shine Spray Polish. This is the ideal solution for adding a protective layer to the natural stone to repel marks and stains. It also restores damaged surfaces to new and fresh.
  • Quart of MB-5 Stone. It has an efficient pH-neutral formula ideal for sensitive calcite-based stones. However, it is not designed to remove soap buildup or clean heavily soiled surfaces.

These products can handle different etch damages and scratch patterns. They are also designed to eliminate hard water stains from sensitive natural stone surfaces.


2. MB-11 Touch Up

The MB-11 touch-up is a special combination of specialty catalysts and abrasives that help in natural stone cleaning without needing heavy tools. It is an effective stone polish staple ideal even for sensitive stones.

This etch-removing polishing powder effectively eliminates stains and spots from your natural stone surfaces. The product is designed for spot-polishing stains and rings from all calcite-based stones such as travertine and marble.

After using the MB-11 Touch-Up, experts recommend MB-24 Barrier to seal the stone’s surface.


3. Ultimate Spray Polish

It is a ready-to-use product made to protect, polish, and clean your natural stone surfaces. The Ultimate Spray Polish is the ultimate choice if you need a solution that can achieve a smudge-resistant stone surface. Moreover, you can use the ultimate spray polish on wood, metal, glass, stainless steel, vinyl, and other materials.

You can use it to polish after cleaning your kitchen cabinets, countertops, and different surfaces. The Ultimate Spray Polish may be buffed with low-speed machines and a white pad or wool bonnet for large countertops and stone surfaces. However, you can wipe and buff it using a microfiber or any soft cloth for small stone surfaces and countertops.


4. Granite Reconditioning Kit

The Granite reconditioning kit is designed for cleaning, polishing, and protecting granite stone surfaces. The kit includes:

  • 8-inch microfiber pads
  • 5-inch white polishing pads
  • 5-inch Hogs hair pads
  • ultimate spray polish 16 oz
  • MB-24 Barrier Quart
  • Measuring scoop
  • MB-20 granite polish 8.5 oz
  • MB-5 stone and more spray cleaner quart
  • Easy Scrub deep-cleaning cream quart. This solution is designed to clean granite surfaces thoroughly.

The granite reconditioning kit is an easy-to-use system to recondition your granite surfaces without causing further damage or needing power tools. Stone care experts specially designed the kit to help restore your granite to life. The kit comes with detailed instructions. It is an all-inclusive product since it provides cleaning, polishing, and protecting functions. The kit also comes with items that will help clean, polish, and restore granite surfaces.


5. MB-13 Stone Shine

The MB-13 stone shine restores worn-down stone surfaces to new conditions. This solution is designed to penetrate, enhance, protect, smoothen, and beautify natural stone surfaces. The product adds a shine and forms a protective shield to repel water finger marks and water while making routine cleaning easy.

These features make the MB-13 stone shine polish the ideal product for polished stone countertops, stainless steel surfaces, and shower enclosures. You may need to reapply the MB-13 stone shine in a few days or weeks according to the intensity of use of the surface on which you apply the product.

The product contains food-grade emulsifiers.

Bottom Line

Professional cleaners can also use these stone polishing products. MB Stone Care products give you all the necessary equipment and solutions to take care of your natural stones, whether cleaning, protecting, or polishing. Most of these products are suitable for almost every kind of natural stone.

Whether you are a professional cleaner or homeowner, MB Stone Care has many products you can choose from to help clean, polish, and protect your natural stones.