* Restore Shine To Marble I How To I MB Stone Care

* Restore Shine To Marble I How To I MB Stone Care

MB-13 Stone Shine Spray Polish (not to be used on floors) is a no-wax stone polish that coats the stone surface with a smooth and shiny shield, helping control finger marks and other minor smudges. Works wonders on satin stainless-steel appliances, too! Use once every week or every two weeks for added shine.


How to bring back the shine to a stone surface?

MB-13 Stone Shine Spray Polish is a temporary polish to apply weekly or bi-weekly to any stone surface. It will not restore the stone, or remove etch marks or scratches, but adds a layer of added protection to temporarily minimize fingerprints and smudges

We get calls every day that starts like this “My stone is dull, what can I use to bring back the shine”? There are many reasons why a stone has dulled. Dulling can be caused by soap film builds, or sealer used on the stone that did not need to be sealed (this usually happens with black granite), but the usual reason for dulling of stone is the use of incorrect product used on calcite-based stones such as marble, travertine or limestone. While the first two instances can be easily corrected, dulling on calcite-based stones is almost always etching and this is not so easily corrected.

Etching on the stone is a chemical reaction between an acidic substance and the stone itself. Anything acidic will etch calcite-based stones (marble, travertine, and limestone) such as wine, juices, tomato sauces, vinegar, etc. While minor etch marks can usually be removed with products such as our MB-11 Polishing Powder, etching on large surfaces such as a countertop or floor will need to be restored by a Stone Restoration Professional.

**Looking for something that can be used on honed surfaces as well as polished? Check out our Finito Ultimate Spray Polish today.**


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