Stone I.D. Kit™

Stone I.D. Kit™

Stone I.D. Kit I Correctly identify stones I MB Stone Care

Inside this remarkable kit, you will find everything you need to successfully identify any stone you come across.


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We often receive inquiries about how to recognize a specific stone. With the continuous introduction of new stone varieties in the market, identifying them has become quite challenging. That’s why we’ve teamed up with the knowledgeable geologist, Karin Kirk, to create the Stone I.D. Kit. It’s been designed to help you identify any kind of stone you encounter. Originally designed for professionals, we now have exciting news for you! We’ve made this amazing Stone I.D. Kit available to homeowners like yourself. It comes neatly packed in its own dedicated case and includes all the necessary tools for identifying your very own stone.

We understand how important it is to know what type of stone you’re dealing with, whether for your home or any other project. So, why wait? Get your hands on our Stone I.D. Kit and uncover the secrets of your precious stones!

MB Stone I.D. Kit™ includes:

  • 1oz of HCL 10% Solution in an easy to use squeeze bottle
  • 3x Folding Loupes Magnifier
  • 1×4 Glass Tile
  • 10 Razor Blades with Dispenser Case
  • Stone ID Flow Chart
  • Stone ID Instruction Booklet

MB Stone Professional’s Stone I.D. Kit™ Wins Best of Innovation at TISE in 2023!


  • It is ideal to test the stone when it is unsealed.
  • Best to have at least one rough or broken edge.

Use the Stone ID Booklet to guide you through your flow chart and testing.

Product Description

***MB Stone Professional’s Stone ID Kit™ Wins Best of Innovation at TISE in 2023!***


MB Stone I.D. Kit™ includes:

1oz of HCL 10% Solution in an easy to use squeeze bottle

3x Folding Loupes Magnifier

1×4 Glass Tile

10 Razor Blades with Dispenser Case

Stone ID Flow Chart 

Stone ID Instruction Booklet


We get questions all the time about how to ID a particular stone.  As new types of stones are being introduced into the market all the time, it has become even more difficult to identify the stone. We have partnered with geologist Karin Kirk to put together a kit designed to help our stone professionals identify any type of stone they may come across when out on a job. Now, we have made that same remarkable kit available to homeowners just like you. This stone identification kit comes packed in a case of its own with all the tools you will need to identify your stone. 


More About Our Natural Stone ID Kit

The Stone ID Kit is designed to help stone proffesionals identify various types of natural stones. Complete with a magnifying glass set, razor blades, acid, and more; it offers everything you will need to identify various types of stones. 

Suppose you have more questions about this product. In that case, you can learn more in the FAQ section below. 

What is a stone identification kit, and what is it used for? 

A stone identification kit is used for identifying natural stones. It is essentially a collection of tools and materials, including educational charts, that will help you determine which stone you have. The components of the kit typically have a long shelf life, so they can be stored and used when required.

Because it’s important to tailor your treatment methods to the type of natural stone you’re working with, it’s essential to have a way to be able to identify it. Our comprehensive kit comes with all you will need to do just that!

Can this stone identification kit identify all types of stones? 

This kit will narrow down what type of stone you are trying to identify. It comes with a handy flow chart to easily help you eliminate certain stones. If you’re having trouble or require more information, please get in touch with us.

Does this kit contain all the tools I will need to identify natural stones? 

Yes. It comes with everything you need.

Do I need professional assistance when using this kit, or can I use it myself? 

The best part about this kit is that it is easy to use, and just about anyone can use it. It comes with detailed instructions and flow charts to make the process simpler.

Where can I find more information about this kit? 

If you require assistance or would like to receive more information about this kit, you can contact us using one of the following means: 

– Reach out to us via social media.
– Make use of the live chat feature on our site.
– Send an email to
– Text us at 252-289-1584.
– Dial 888-509-5831 to talk to one of our representatives.

Are there any safety considerations when using a stone identification kit? 

The kit comes with acid and razor blades, so precautions should definitely be taken when using it. Please ensure that you follow the instructions that come with the kit and contact us if you have any questions about safe usage. 

Can a stone identification kit be used for educational purposes or in a classroom setting? 

Absolutely. MB Stone uses this in its Intro to Stone Restoration course at its facility, and it was part of a hands-on class at KBIS in 2023. 

I am having trouble identifying a particular stone using this kit. Can you help? 

Absolutely. At MB Stone Care, we are the natural stone professionals, so if you are having difficulty identifying a particular stone with this stone identifier kit, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us, and we will gladly assist.

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