Magic Renova Kit I Magic Renova I Polishing

Remove stains and etch marks from small areas of marble, travertine, and limestone effortlessly, without requiring any tools!

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The Magic Renova Manual Kit is the ultimate solution for effortlessly polishing those hard-to-reach nooks and crannies, as well as those pesky small areas. The best part? You don’t need any fancy tools or prior experience to achieve outstanding results! This kit not only makes your life easier, but it’s also kind to the environment – all you need is good old H2O!

Our step-by-step instructions are color-coded, ensuring that you’ll be able to achieve a glossy mirror-like finish with an amazing anti-slip shine, even when the surface is wet. It’s like magic! Perfect for giving your marble, travertine, limestone, and terrazzo surfaces a much-needed facelift (please note: not suitable for granite surfaces). Works like a charm on lighter stones!

Each pad in different colors represents a specific step in the process, making it a breeze to achieve the exact results you desire. Just remember to use fresh, clean water with each step of the way. And hey, if you need to repeat the process in certain areas, go ahead! Our kit is here to make your life easier after all. So get ready to restore the beauty of your surfaces with the Magic Renova Manual Kit – you’ll be amazed at the incredible shine it brings!


  1. Red is for resurfacing. It removes surface stains and scratches, including acid stains.
  2. Orange is for preparation. It refines the surface for intense shine.
  3. Yellow is for polish. Using the yellow pad will achieve a matte or satin gloss.
  4. Blue is for intensify. It intensifies the surface brightness.
  5. Green is for super glossy. You use the green pad to generate a super glossy finish, the last step in the process.


  1. Coverage: 10 to 13 sq. ft. Coverage may vary depending on the type of surface and condition.
  2. For larger areas use the 5″ Magic Renova Drill Kit.
  4. We cannot guarantee any results due to several factors that can effect the results you achieve with this kit.
  5. Bonastre items are not part of any sales discounts or promotions including but not limited to free shipping, shipping discounts, and sales.


  1. Place the #1 abrasive on the hand holder.
  2. Spray clean water on the surface.
  3. Scrub the area, applying pressure in a circular motion, and repeat until the damage has been removed, and have an even finish.
  4. Clean and dry the surface.
  5. Repeat the process with #2. (This abrasive will remove the scratches from the previous abrasive.)
  6. Repeat the process using the #3 abrasive, twice. (With this step, you will start to see some shine.)
  7. Use #4 as many times as needed to achieve the desired shine.
  8. Finish with the green pad to achieve the maximum gloss.

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