Natural Stone in the Fall: How to keep its beauty

Natural Stone in the Fall: How to keep its beauty

In this fab blog post, we're gonna spill the tea on keeping your natural stone looking fly during the fall season.

In this fab blog post, we’re gonna spill the tea on keeping your natural stone looking fly during the fall season. When those leaves start tumbling down, your stone surfaces gotta watch out for damage and ugly stains. But fret not, we got your back with tips and tricks on how to clean and shield those beauties. We’re talking using soft cleaners, regular sweeping like a boss, and sealing like you’re sealing the deal. Oh, and let’s not forget about battling those sneaky moss and mildew invaders. We’ll show you how to stop ’em in their tracks and bid them adieu if they dare show their faces. So grab a latte, and stick to these maintenance rules to keep your natural stone slaying the autumn game and beyond!

Understanding the Impact of Fall Season on Natural Stone

As the summer heat makes a dramatic exit, these stones can’t always handle the rejection and might start contracting, paving the way for unwanted cracks or chips. And even if your stone makes it through the yo-yo temperatures without a crack in its armor, you still aren’t out of the woods yet. 

Now as autumn sweeps in, so does the glorious rainfall and endless moisture. That moisture infiltrates the pores of your stone surfaces, and they can wreak havoc on your natural stone. The moisture can freeze inside those pores and cause cracks in the stone. 

Let’s not forget the fall leaves, oh so pretty, but oh so pesky for natural stone! These vibrant wonders of nature are sneaky troublemakers. They team up with debris, mingle with moisture, and wreak havoc on stone surfaces. Stains appear out of nowhere, as if a mischievous artist had splashed paint around. And if you neglect cleaning, moss and mildew sneakily set up camp, turning your precious stones into a greenpeace haven. 

Preventative Measures for Protecting Natural Stone

To keep the natural stone looking its best during the beautiful fall season, make sure you follow a simple cleaning routine. Regularly trim your trees/bushes and sweep away any leaves or debris that may accumulate to prevent any potential damage or unsightly stains. You can also use protective covers so that they don’t get exposed to the harsh weather conditions that fall brings.

Shielding your precious natural stone surfaces against the perils of moisture and unruly elements is a no-brainer move to prevent some damage and staining. Make sure that water has the proper drainage to prevent water pooling. Give your stone surfaces the royal treatment they deserve by opting for a sealant like MB-24 Barrier. Trust me, it’s the cream of the crop and so easy to use. Remember to also use a gentle cleaner that is specifically formulated for natural stone to avoid any harm to its surface. MB Stone offers a multitude of options for your natural stone. 

Removing Stains

Don’t panic if you spot a stain! Just take immediate action and clean it up. Our latest product, Mold Ahoy, is perfect for getting rid of unsightly stains caused by moisture, leaves, dirt, and other biological gunk (such as mold, mildew, and algae).


So as the fall season brings changes in weather and foliage, it’s crucial to maintain the beauty of your natural stone surfaces. By understanding the impact of the fall season on stone, implementing preventive measures, and avoiding common mistakes, you can ensure that your stone surfaces remain stunning throughout the autumn season and beyond. Remember to regularly clean, seal, and address any spills or stains promptly to protect your investment and enjoy the timeless elegance of natural stone.