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MB-22 E-Z Polishing Kit

Polishing Powder Kit I Polishing Powder Kit I MB Stone Care


Polishing powder and drill with pads. Designed for calcite-based stones & terrazzo.


MB-22 E-Z Polishing Kit includes:

(1) 8oz MB-22 E-Z Polish

(1) 5 inch Drill Attachment w/Pad Driver

(2) 5 inch Hogs Hair Pad

(1) 5 inch White Pad

(1) Set of Instructions

 8 Oz MB-22 E-Z Polish option is the polishing compound only.

 The MB-22 E-Z Polishing Kit has everything you need to polish your marble and terrazzo. MB-22 E-Z Polish is an awesome polishing powder that will not etch surfaces with splatters. It has been formulated for use on calcite-based stones and terrazzo. 

The following directions are an average recommendation. Different stones may require different quantities of product along with various techniques. If you are in doubt, don't hesitate to call 888-509-5831 for help using this product.

Directions for use: Always make sure to mask off and protect surfaces that could be splattered by product. Wear safety glasses and gloves. Make sure the surface is free of any coatings, waxes, sealers, grease, and/or soil. For best results, use a right-angle grinder/polisher (variable speed) with the included 5 inch drill attachment and hogs hair pad. Use about 1/3 oz per 2 to 3 square feet (remember the amounts will vary) of product and enough water to create a wet paste, but thick enough not to make a splattering mess. As you work the product, more water will need to be added to maintain a wet paste. Start by placing the product in the center of your target. Add the water now. Place your machine and hogs hair pad directly on top of it. Starting slowly, spread the product out over the area. The use of pressure will vary depending on the stone, but generally you can apply an even light pressure. Run the machine on a slow setting for about a minute per square foot.

Tip: Working with this polish, you will find you are able to get a good result close to edges, sinks, faucets, tub surrounds and tight spaces. A white pad cut 1/2 inch over the diameter of the pad driver protects the fixture or surface you are polishing against.

All powders are packed by weight and not by volume. MB-22 8 oz powder and 5 Inch Hogs Hair Pad can be purchased separately too.

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