Is Panda Marble a Great Choice for Your Countertop?

Is Panda Marble a Great Choice for Your Countertop?

Panda Marble designs are now the trend when it comes to kitchen countertops. Let's take a deeper look at it in this article.

When you look for a countertop design, it should be stylish yet straightforward for everyone to look at; bold and very distinctive is the look you should be aiming for. These characteristics are primarily available in Panda Marble.

Panda Marble designs are now the trend when it comes to kitchen countertops. I mean, they’re shiny, they’re affordable, and simply stylish. But in its beauty and affordability, there are hidden secrets you should know. Let’s take a look at some of those in this article.

5 Secrets You Need to Know About Panda Marble

Marble is a High Maintenance Surface

With beauty comes delicateness. Panda Marble may be bold and stylish, but the material requires high maintenance to shine and make it worth your money. Panda Marble stains easily from staining agents such as coffee, wine, juice, and more. What’s worse is that once spilled, there’s a probability that the damage can be permanent, requiring you to get a replacement. Let’s not forget that marble itself is prone to etching as well.

Marble is Vulnerable to Scratches

If the high maintenance and porousness of Panda Marble aren’t enough, There’s more. Panda Marble is highly susceptible to scratches unlike granite and other countertop materials. One wrong slice of your knife will leave a mark on your countertop. This is why, when cooking, permanently remove any metal objects around you (except cooking utensils); this includes metal bracelets, watches, belts, and even necklaces as the tiniest of touch from those accessories can mean a giant scratch on your Panda Marble.

To make matters worse, Panda Marble can be chipped off easily. Yes, that’s right; your whole countertop will be missing a piece once something completely cuts off a portion of your countertop. This is because it’s softer compared to other stones. So, if you don’t want your countertop to be broken so quickly and be replaceable within a few weeks, you better plan a new alternative for Panda Marble.

Vulnerability aside, Panda Marble is an excellent material for your kitchen.

Knowing how easily Panda Marble can be damaged can make you hesitant to buy it. Still, if you don’t mind the extra purchases and work needed to make it resistant, then Panda Marble is an excellent material for your kitchen. It shines very brightly, especially with light, plus it’s smooth to the touch. It’s a piece that will support your entire kitchen area as it goes well with other types of themes and colors such as brown, black, beige, and more! Its compatibility with many designs makes a superb and one-for-all design for your countertops, minimizing the planning and spending you will make for your home.

Marble is Heat-Resistant

If you’re baking countless dairies and pastries in the oven, especially in the summer, the chances are that your kitchen will be super hot! These include the countertops, the stove, the washing area, and even your utensils. However, that is not the case with Panda Marbles. Fortunately, they are heat-resistant; as a matter of fact, they can stay chilled even still with the combined heat outside and inside your home.

Although they are heat-resistant, don’t push the feature too hard. For example, hot pots and baking trays directly placed on the Marble can still produce stains and, worse, discolor the Marble, so always use something to conduct the appliance’s heat.


Now that you know the secrets of Panda Marble, you now have to carefully think about the material you’re going to use on your countertop. Panda Marble can be a great choice with its stylish design and bold look, as long as you’re careful or willing to go through the repairs when necessary. Ultimately, your chosen material will boil down to what will suit the entire theme of your kitchen and house.


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