* Hassle-Free Stone Floor Care For Your Home

* Hassle-Free Stone Floor Care For Your Home

Do You Need Stone Floor Care?

Natural stone floors enhance your home and add to its value while complementing your unique decorating style. To keep beautiful stone floors looking their best, you’ll need to use the right floor care products for their maintenance and upkeep. MB Stone Care produces a wide selection of chemicals that allow indoor and outdoor stone surfaces to look as fresh as the day they were installed, even if you have pets. From our stone care starter kit to swivel head grout brushes, everything you need for easy stone care in high-traffic areas is included in our extensive catalog of quality products.

Stone surfaces need to be handled carefully, and you should always ensure that the chemicals you use are strong enough to remove dirt and stains but mild enough that they won’t damage the stone. MB has developed special stone cleaners that are safe to use on your stone floors. They protect as they clean so that when spills take place in your home or office, the liquid can be mopped up quickly.

The stone cleaners produced by MB do not leave a slippery film. This makes it safe for you to use rugs, placemats, and other protectors on stone surfaces. Microfiber cloths or soft, natural cloths that won’t damage the stone can also be safely used with these alkaline products. Do not use vinegar or other harsh acids on your stone floors since these will damage the surface.


Complete Stone Care Starter Kit

The Complete Stone Care Starter Kit helps you to create a clean, spa-like sanctuary in your home. This kit can be used for your shower and every other rock surface in your natural stone bathroom. You can easily remove mildew, hard water stones, and dirt from your shower with the products in this kit. A free grout brush and a bonus 32-ounce spray bottle are also included. This kit features:

  1. A quart of MB-9 Mold and Mildew Remover
  2. A quart of MB-5 Stone and More Multi-Surface Spray cleaner
  3. A quart of MB-3 Soap and Mineral Deposit Remover
  4. A quart of MB-1 Floor Amore 1-Step Cleaner


Floor Amore

Floor Amore is designed to keep your stone floor from drying out, so it never looks cracked and instead has a beautiful luster that looks great in bright sunshine or as you walk around your home at night. This contains organic salts that nurture natural stone, so once it’s applied with a mop, it should be left to treat the surface.

The 1-Step cleaner is a slightly alkaline cleaner that removes dirt and does not need to be rinsed off. It never leaves a film behind to dull the shine of your stone surfaces. It works on marble and granite and can even be used on ceramic or hardwood surfaces, leaving any hard surface that’s not harmed by water with a natural, streak-free look.


AIRx Spray N Go Disinfectant

If you have pets or have stone floors in a hospital or clinic, there are times when you’ll need to add disinfectant to your cleaning regimen. The AIRx Spray N Go Disinfectant is designed for cleaning and deodorizing hard, non-porous surfaces quickly. Its convenient spray makes it simple to keep medical surfaces clean while eliminating odors.

This spray kills microorganisms on soft surfaces and is safe for use on drapes, curtains, blinds, and daycare mats. You can use it on your gym bags and restaurant surfaces. It kills Staph in five seconds and eliminates most bacteria in two minutes. Whenever you want to rapidly clean soft furnishings on or near stone floors quickly, this is the ideal solution.


TrueKleen Liquid Ice Melt

TrueKleen Liquid Ice Melt quickly removes ice that has formed on your exterior stone surfaces. Once applied, it also helps prevent ice from forming in the future and does not leave an unsightly film that detracts from the appearance of your gazebo or other outdoor areas. It breaks down ice within 20 minutes so that you can easily remove the ice with a shovel or other tools.


Floor Care Gift Basket

Attractively packed in a durable woven basket with a bow, the Floor Care Gift Basket will delight a client, relative, or friend who has a stone in their residential or commercial building. This essential kit introduces your loved ones to the MB stone care line and includes the following:

  1. A basket to hold your supplies
  2. A small cutting board
  3. An MB stone microfiber towel
  4. Blue microfiber towels.
  5. A 32-ounce spray bottle
  6. A grout brush
  7. A quart of MB-15 Stone Glow Hard Surface Cleaner
  8. A quart of MB-1 Floor Amore Step Cleaner

This introductory kit makes it easy for family members to experience the ease and convenience of keeping their floor looking great with MB products. The packaging makes it easy to present it to anyone interested in maintaining a stone surface in their home or has specific stains that they need to remove to give any area a fresh look.


Carlisle Swivel Head Grout Brush

The Carlisle Swivel Head Grout Brush is used to help prevent oxidation and corrosion. If you want to remove stains, this brush can be used to deftly scrub in between tiles. Its heavy-duty construction allows it to stand up to the most rigorous requirements, while its swivel head helps you to get to those hard-to-reach areas.

The Carlisle Swivel Head Grout Brush has bristles that are made of tough yet flexible nylon so that it won’t scratch your gorgeous stone surface. You can customize the brush’s length since it is designed for you to quickly attach any handle you choose. You’ll easily scrub stone walls and large hallways while alleviating pressure on your shoulders and arms.


All of these products can be used to keep your stone floors looking as good as the day that you first moved into your office or home. They will not damage the stone surface, and many can be used on a wide range of non-porous materials. Check the labels carefully before applying them since each is designed to help with a specific type of stain or problem.