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Mar 28th 2022 / General Stone Care

8 Surefire Ways to Keep Your Stone Floors Looking Their Best

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Whether you have travertine tile, slate, marble, or something else, chances are you have stone floors in your home or office. These natural surfaces are beautiful, but they can also be delicate and require extra care to stay looking their best. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to clean and maintain stone floors so that they stay as gorgeous as the day you installed them years ago! Read on to learn how to keep your stone floors looking their best using these eight tried-and-true methods...

1) Sweep, Sweep, Sweep

Keeping your stone floors clean is important if you want them to maintain their elegant, polished appearance. Sweep or vacuum frequently, especially in high-traffic areas like entrances and hallways. You can also invest in a lightweight sweeper or a special mop designed for cleaning stone surfaces.

2) Ventilate Your House

No, your stone floors aren't allergic to oxygen (but you are). You're a human, and humans need fresh air. Be sure that there are plenty of open windows in high-traffic areas and rooms with stone floors—and if you live in a place with harsh winters, leave a window cracked at night for a little overnight venting. Moisture is another enemy of stone flooring: be sure that your furnace has an efficient system for expelling moisture.

3) Sweep Regularly

A sturdy broom is essential for making sure that your stone floors are as clean as possible. Sweep up dust, dirt, and other small particles regularly to prevent a buildup of gunk that can dull your floors' shine.

4) Damp Mop Once A Week

A damp mop is key for getting your floors clean and shining. Simply fill a bucket with hot water, add some cleaning solution, and give your floor a nice, gentle sweep—be sure not to scrub too hard, or you might scratch it. If your stone has lots of grout lines that have become dirty over time, we recommend using a toothbrush or other small brush (the kind you'd use on delicate surfaces) to really get into those spaces and scrub out all that dirt.

5) Professional Cleaning as Needed

There's no denying that stone floors look beautiful, but they also require a little more TLC than hardwood. To help keep your investment looking great, it's best to call in a professional cleaner as needed.

It may seem like a lot of money upfront, but when you consider how much time and effort, you'll save by not scrubbing away at those pesky stains yourself, hiring someone on an as-needed basis is often a smart choice. If you do decide to clean your own floors (or if you hire someone who doesn't specialize in natural stone), make sure you use products made specifically for natural stone surfaces.

6) Seal It Up with Polish Sealer When You're Done

Over time, hard floors (like those made of granite, marble, or travertine) can dull from everyday use. For extra protection and a glossy finish, consider using a polish sealer on floors that are already sealed with either a wax or urethane finish. Sealers add shine and make it easier to clean. Marble polishes are easy enough for beginners: just wipe them on with a soft cloth and let them sit for 15 minutes before buffing off excess residue.

8) Wait 30 Minutes After Mopping Before Walking on It

Water seeps deep into your stone floors when you mop them, and if you walk on them too soon after mopping, you risk grinding that water into little grains of dirt. As a result, your floors will have a permanent water stain that can't be removed. If you want your floor to shine like new for as long as possible, wait at least 30 minutes before walking on it again.

7) Avoid Putting Chairs in High Traffic Areas

With stone, everyday foot traffic can scratch or damage flooring over time. If possible, try to move heavy furniture out of high-traffic areas. When it comes to chairs and tables, it's best not to put them directly on your floors at all. Instead, choose a rug in a lighter color that will highlight your stone flooring and provide an extra layer of protection from daily wear and tear.


Cleaning your stone floors doesn't have to be a daunting task. Use these tips to keep your natural stone floors clean and looking their best, no matter how busy you are. Not only will you enjoy cleaner floors, but they'll also last longer with good care. Once you've completed these steps, take a few minutes for yourself: put on some nice music, light some candles and relax! How could it get any better than that?