* Countertop Stone Care: Marble and Granite

* Countertop Stone Care: Marble and Granite

Granite or marble countertops are among the top attractions in a home. A marble or granite’s durability makes natural stone one of the most practical types of countertop materials. Caring for your natural stone does not end with installation. There are different ways and MB Stone Care products to care for your natural stone countertop to achieve maximum functionality and durability. Read further to discover the different stone care products and tips.

Marble Stone Care

Marble is a beautiful stone that constantly matches any decor and is always in fashion. Marble is limestone that transforms into a gorgeous mosaic of patterns and colors through years of pressure and heat.

Marble shows wear and tear gradually if not cared for appropriately. It is susceptible to stains from acidic substances. Therefore, always remember to clean it with vinegar and an assortment of cleaners. You can opt for a marble cleaner for a deeper clean than the ordinary warm water and cloth method.

Whichever product you use for cleaning marble, always gently dry the marble surface with a soft cloth. Do not let the surface air dry since marble is prone to water spots.

Granite Stone Care

Granite is a superb alternative to marble. It is a natural stone formed underground in magma chambers. Granite has the aesthetic appeal of marble but is highly durable and less susceptible to cracks and nicks.

Granite can last you decades, but proper care is still advisable. Abrasive debris like dirt and sand are the most common granite enemies. Avoid acidic cleaners and juices that could scratch the surface. Avoid ammonia that can damage your granite surface.

If you must use a cleaner, use a mild liquid detergent or a natural stone soap, or warm water.

Regular resealing of your granite surface in the kitchen keeps it from getting cloudy or dull.

General Stone Care Products

MB Stone Care provides industry-leading solutions and products to individuals concerned with their stone care routines. We provide complete natural stone care kits for all areas of your home.


1. Countertop Gift Basket

  • A basket to hold the following supplies
  • MB Stone Microfiber towel
  • Blue microfiber towels
  • MB-19 stainless steel wipes cleaners
  • Small cutting board
  • MB-17 wipes multi-surface cleaner
  • 4 oz MB-13 stone shine spray polish
  • Quart of MB stone and more multi-surface cleaner

This kit makes a superb gift for your friends or family concerned with their natural stone care.


2. Complete Stone Care Starter Kit

  • Quart of MB-1 Floor Amore One Step Cleaner. The detergent is very concentrated and mildly alkaline. Its formula contains unique, organic salts that function as moisturizers that prevent your natural stones from drying out. The cleaner contains optical brighteners to enhance the surface finish on which it is applied. It is designed for granite and marble but is safe enough to be used in hardwood, ceramic, and different hard surfaces.
  • MB-5 Stone & Spray Cleaner. It uses a pH-neutral combination of special chemicals that easily cleanses stone, glass, and porcelain, among others.
  • Quart of MB-3 Soap and Mineral Deposit Remover. It is designed specifically to dissolve soap and mineral deposits safely from fiberglass, tile, glass, and natural stone.
  • MB-9 Mold and Mildew Remover. It cleans your stone surfaces without scrubbing. It is safe on most natural marble surfaces.
  • 32oz spray bottle
  • Grout brush


3. Bath and Shower Kit

The bath and shower kit is meant for heavy-duty cleaning, mildew and mold removal, and dissolving soap mineral deposits.

  • MB-5 Stone & Surface Spray Cleaner. It is not designed to clean heavily soiled surfaces or eliminate soap build-up.
  • Quart of MB-3 soap & Mineral Deposit Remover. It is designed to dissolve soap and mineral deposits safely from glass, fiberglass, tile, or natural stone. The detergent uses a special combination of unique non-acid chemicals that easily dissolve and eliminate hard water deposits and soap scum from surfaces.
  • MB-9 Mold and Mildew Remover.


4. Countertop Ongoing Care Kit

This care kit from MB Stone Care comes fully equipped with items you need to clean and protect your natural stone surfaces, fixtures, glass, and mirrors. The care kit includes Quarts of MB-5 Stone & Spray Cleaner and quarts of MB-13 Stone Shine Spray Polish.

The MB-13 Stone Shine Spray Polish can help you restore your countertop’s shine, reduce fingermarks, and repel water. It penetrates, enhances, and smooths your stone surfaces. The polish also visually restores slightly worn-down surfaces to appear new.

The surface spray cleaner works superbly on bath and kitchen fixtures and is safe to use daily. It is best for heavy-duty cleaning and removal of soap buildup.


5. Granite and Marble Chip Repair Kit

This natural repair stone repair kit is easy to use for structural and non-structural issues.

It is a complete kit that is easy to use to repair stone chips, non-structural fissures, or structural cracks on your stones.

The full set includes;

  • A detailed set of instructions
  • ¼ liter Tenax Hydrex Sealers that cover 40-50 square feet
  • Pairs of latex gloves to protect your hands
  • Mixing cups
  • Mixing sticks
  • Single-edge razor blades
  • One 60 yds masking tape
  • 3oz LiquaGlass Chip Filler (1.5oz parts A and B)

Stone repair is part of stone care since it enhances durability.


6. Granite Reconditioning Kit

This is an easy-to-use kit that has tools and equipment to recondition your granite countertop surfaces. The reconditioning kit includes;

  • 8-inch microfiber pads
  • 5-inch white polishing pads
  • 5-inch Hogs hair pads
  • Ultimate spray polish 16oz
  • MB-24 barrier quart
  • Measuring scoop
  • MB-20 granite polish 8.5oz
  • MB-5 & More Spray Cleaner Quart
  • Easy Scrub Deep Cleaning Cream Quart.

Stone care professionals design this granite reconditioning kit to help you recondition your granite back to life. It comes with an easy-to-follow manual with clear sets of instructions.


Natural stone care is an important element of ensuring your countertops stay durable. If you are not comfortable handling the care and cleaning procedures, you can hire a natural stone expert to assist. For the best results, use MB Stone Care products designed specifically for your countertops’ natural stone type.