* Best Etch & Stain Removers for Stone Countertops

* Best Etch & Stain Removers for Stone Countertops


For all their appeal and timeless elegance, stone countertops are likely to amass some etch marks and stains over the years. Natural stones are highly porous, which means they are sensitive to acidic liquids and have a reaction to them. Acidic spills on your countertops can cause both staining and etching. Stains and etches can threaten the overall aesthetics of your stone surfaces, but it’s not impossible to remove them. To restore the beautiful appearance of your kitchen island or your bathroom vanity, we have the perfect products that target different types of stains and etches. The etch and stain removers in our list are designed to get rid of the toughest stain and etch marks without compromising the quality of your countertops. From quick touch-ups to effective removers, we have all the products you’ll need to restore your stone surfaces.


1. MB-9 Mold & Mildew

The safest way to combat biological stains, such as mold and mildew, is with an effective stain remover. The Mb-9 solution is a fast-acting mold and mildew remover that removes these unsightly growths along with odors on contact. With this cleaning solution, you can achieve sanitary surfaces without strenuous cleaning efforts. Easy to use and efficient, the MB-9 mold remover is the ultimate essential for your bathroom stone surfaces that can tackle mold on sight and remove nasty smells within the minute. This product is perfectly safe on natural stones and suitable for regular usage. For any person that is on the lookout for etch and stain removers, this product is a must-have.


2. Stain Reaper – 2 lb

The Stain Reaper is a poultice paste that works wonders for a large number of stains. A prime stain remover for natural stones, the Stain Reaper treats oil-based discolorations, dirt, and highly embedded marks. This product is easy to use, potent, and it doesn’t release VOCs. It’s your best bet when you want a product that can pull out stubborn stains, such as deep-seated oil, harmful salts, or other hard-to-remove marks. You can use it safely on granite, marble, limestone, or travertine, as well as countertops with polished finishes. If you struggle to maintain a spot-free countertop, include this product in your collection of etch and stain removers.


3. TeRust Rust Remover

The TeRust rust remover is a trusted compound that pulls rust stains out of your stone slabs. This product covers many stones, including marble, granite, travertine, limestone, concrete, terrazzo, brick, and sanded grout. Its specialized formula contains a mix of chelates that are efficient in removing rust from stones. This rust poultice powder uses a stain reversal technique to eliminate rust residue from stone surfaces and restores the gleaming appearance of countertops. The TeRust powder is an absolute essential for households that struggle with rust stains and need an efficient solution to treat their stone countertops. Since metal or rust stains can be tricky to remove, a professional cleaning solution is necessary to achieve the best effects.


4. Poultice Pods

For smaller organic stains, the Poultice Pods are your best friend. You can eliminate coffee, oil, wine, or other organic stains with this stain remover solution. All you need to do is soak your pouch with water, put it on your stain, and wait until it dries. The pods contain stone surfactants that are activated in contact with water and dissolve stains. Next, the natural clays in the pouch work by pulling out the stain. You can use these pods to remove small-scale stains from marble, granite, brick, concrete, and grout. Tough stains might need more applications, while larger stains can be covered by two or more sponges.


5. Marble Repair Kit

The Marble Repair Kit contains:

  • Quart of MB-5 Stone & More Multi Surface Spray Cleaner
  • Quart of MB-13 Stone Shine Spray Polish
  • 8oz MB-11 Touch-Up Etch Remover

This amazing kit contains excellent etch and stain removers that can take care of light to medium etches, as well as light scratch patterns. You can use it on polished stones, such as marble, travertine, and other calcite-based surfaces.

The MB-5 Stone & More Multi Surface Spray Cleaner has a pH-neutral formula enriched with chemicals that clean natural stones, glass, porcelain, and other hard surfaces.

The MB-11 Touch Up has a unique mix of abrasives and catalysts that make marble polishing a breeze. Its main purpose is to get rid of water or ring stains.

The MB-13 Stone Shine Spray Polish is a multifunctional product that protects and beautifies stone surfaces. You can use it to add a protective layer that repels water and other stains while adding a new level of shine to your stone surfaces.


6. MB-22 E-Z Polishing

The MB-22 E-Z Polishing Kit contains:

  • 8oz MB-22 E-Z Polish
  • 5-inch Drill Attachment w/Pad Driver
  • two 5-inch Hogs Hair Pad
  • 5-inch White Pad
  • A Set of Instructions

This polishing kit contains everything you need to polish marble and terrazzo to perfection. The polishing powder is safe to use on calcite-based stone, and it will not damage stone surfaces. This kit is an excellent choice if you’re in the market for efficient etch and stain removers for your stone care needs.


7. 5-Inch Bonastre Pads

The color-coded Bonastre Pads are eco-friendly polishing discs that can be used with different pieces of equipment. By using just water and these pads, you can achieve a brilliant shiny surface with ease. You can use the Bonastre Pads on a couple of stones, such as limestone, marble, and travertine. The colored pads should be used in this order:

  1. Red – To remove light scratches and hard water deposits.
  2. Yellow – Prepare and polish the surface.
  3. Green – To achieve a mirror-like, natural surface.

Our well-rounded list of products comprises all of the etch and stain removers you need to take excellent care of your natural stones. From mold to rust, we cover all of the different stains you might encounter in your home and their solutions. To maintain your stone countertops in a spotless condition, try our range of professional products and enjoy top-notch results.