MB-3 Soap & Mineral Kit

MB-3 Soap & Mineral Kit

Mineral Deposit Remover & Soap I MB Stone Care

Complete with a convenient spray bottle, you can start tackling soap scum and grime right away.


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Cleaning your home has never been simpler with the MB-3 Soap & Mineral Kit. Complete with a convenient spray bottle, you can start tackling soap scum and grime right away. Just follow our user-friendly instructions and use the spray bottle to apply your diluted product. It’s that effortless!

Specifically designed to dissolve soap and mineral deposits from various surfaces like natural stone, tile, glass, and fiberglass, our MB-3 Soap & Mineral Deposit Remover is your go-to solution. With its unique combination of special non-acid chemicals, it effortlessly removes unsightly soap scum and stubborn hard water mineral deposits from shower walls, floors, doors, wash basins, and bath tubs.
No need to spend hours scrubbing with ordinary cleaners and abrasives, as our MB-3 Soap & Mineral Deposit Remover does the job swiftly and effectively. Plus, it’s safe to use on most natural stone surfaces like marble. (We recommend testing the product on a spare tile or inconspicuous area for a little extra caution before full use.)

Embrace the ease and effectiveness of the MB-3 Soap & Mineral Kit, and enjoy a cleaner, healthier home. Order yours today and experience the difference!


  • Use rubber gloves to avoid contact with the skin.
  • Dilute MB-3 Soap & Mineral in a proportion of 1 part MB-3 to 2 parts warm water.
  • Test on a spare piece or in an inconspicuous area first.


  1. Liberally apply with a sponge and allow to stand without letting the solution dry.
  2. Once the soap scum begins to break up, scrub lightly with a scrub brush or plastic scouring pad.
  3. Rinse thoroughly.
  4. Repeat these steps if necessary.

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