Luna Indulgence Marble Safe Hand Soap

Luna Indulgence Marble Safe Hand Soap

Luna Indulgence Marble Safe Hand Soap

Discover a touch of refinement with Luna Indulgence Marble Safe Hand Soap.

New Value Pack available with foaming soap dispenser!


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Introducing Luna Indulgence in CLEAR: Elevate Your Hand-washing Experience

Unveiling the much-awaited Luna Indulgence Marble Safe Hand Soap in CLEAR, a manifestation of your desires. Surrender to the allure of the same exquisite Blue Skies clean fresh scent, now gloriously available in our new CLEAR variant. Rejoice as you reach out for your treasured soap dispenser, and allow Luna Indulgence Hand Soap to enhance your hand-washing ritual.

Setting itself apart from the plethora of hand soaps saturating the market, Luna Indulgence boasts a pH-neutral formula, meticulously designed to safeguard all your precious calcite-based stones like marble. Bid farewell to any concerns of blemishing, as this remarkable hand soap ensures there shall be no unsightly etching.

Our commitment to perfection transcends mere formulation, as we have thoughtfully handpicked premium ingredients to ensure a soothing and nourishing experience for your skin, effectively preventing any form of irritation. Prepare to be enveloped in an oasis of pure bliss, as Luna Indulgence Marble Safe Hand Soap is infused with a refreshing Blue Skies fragrance. Surrender yourself to the captivating notes of this delightful, clean aroma each time you cleanse your hands. Indulge in the epitome of luxury with Luna Indulgence, for we understand that you deserve nothing but the absolute best.

***This product does contain Aloe Vera, but does not contain glycerin.***


  1. Place a small amount of product into your hand.
  2. Work into a nice lather.
  3. Rinse and repeat if necessary.

Filling Foam Soap Dispenser:

  1. Fill empty dispenser halfway with soap.
  2. Fill remainder with water.
  3. Secure pump onto bottle and shake well.

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