Why hand soap could be damaging your marble…

Why hand soap could be damaging your marble…

Sure, you love a clean home, but using regular hand soap can be a real marble party pooper.

Why? Well, turns out regular hand soap is a bit acidic, and that’s a big no-no if you want to avoid etching your marble’s elegant surface. You don’t want to become the unwitting vandal of your own home, do you? The etching process occurs when acidic substances get a little too touchy-feely with the stone and dissolve its surface, leaving behind unsightly dull marks. And we don’t want that, do we? So, bear in mind that regular hand soap is too acidic for our beloved calcite-based stones, which prefer something a bit more neutral pH.

So when you’re next to your fancy marble counter, pondering how to clean your paws, don’t go reaching for any old soap!

The answer is clear: a pH-neutral hand soap that was created especially for marble and those other cool calcite-based stones. But hold up – we searched everywhere for one to suggest to homeowners like you and came up empty-handed. What’s a homeowner to do? Well, we put on our thinking caps and decided to whip up some soap from scratch! After months of trials and tribulations, we finally nailed it. We created our first pH-neutral hand soap: Blue Skies! Our soap is like a gentle hug for your stone – and your skin – removing dirt and grime with ease. Ain’t nobody gonna rain on our marble parade!

Marble may be a work of art, but you don’t need to treat it like glass. Here are a few secrets to keep your marble surfaces in tip-top shape:

  • Scratch the abrasive cleaners off your shopping list – they’ll just make your stone look like it won a fight with sandpaper.
  • Spills happen, but don’t let them get comfortable in your stone’s pores. Give them the boot with a quick wipe-up.
  • Marble may be hot, but it doesn’t like to play with fire – always use coasters or trivets to keep it cool under pressure.
  • When it’s time to clean, remember to use a pH-neutral cleaner – your stone’s sensitive skin needs all the TLC it can get.

Channel your inner Michelangelo and keep your marble looking like a masterpiece for years to come – just follow these tricks and keep using that pH-neutral hand soap, Blue Skies!

Oh and if you’re one of those that prefer foaming soap… use a foaming soap dispenser with a mixture of half soap and half water!