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Stone I.D. Kit

Stone I.D. Kit I Correctly identify stones I MB Stone Care


Correctly identify stones


Stone I.D. Kit includes:

1oz of HCL 10% Solution in an easy to use squeeze bottle

3x Folding Loupes Magnifier

1x4 Glass Tile

10 Razor Blades with Dispenser Case

Stone ID Flow Chart 

Stone ID Instruction Booklet


We get questions all the time about how to ID a particular stone.  As new types of stones are being introduced into the market all the time, it has become even more difficult to identify the stone. We have partnered with geologist Karin Kirk to put together a kit designed to help our stone professionals identify any type of stone they may come across when out on a job. Now, we have made that same remarkable kit available to homeowners just like you. This stone identification kit comes packed in a case of it's own with all the tools you will need to identify your stone. 

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