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RX Refresh Non-Aerosol

Non Toxic Cleaner I Non Aerosol Deodorizer


Concentrated space deodorizer and disinfectant.


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The RX Refresh system is your alternative to expensive and wasteful aerosol cans. RX Refresh is a concentrated space deodorizer and disinfectant that is designed to work with a new type of trigger sprayer and specially designed to produce a greater parts per million spray than conventional aerosol cans. Just one quart bottle of RX Refresh concentrate fills the RX Refresh sprayer 32 times. Our trigger sprayer also provides a controlled release of product per pump allowing further cost savings with the ability to measure application amounts.

Non-Aerosol means no propellants, making RX Refresh great for the environment. The concentrate bottle has a built in measuring device allowing for quick and easy dispensing into RX Refresh Sprayers. RX Refresh comes in the fragrance of Blue Skies, making it ideal for homes, kitchens, living rooms and other living spaces.

Includes 1 concentrated quart and 1 refillable sprayer.


Made in the USA

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