Penetrexx Antimicrobial

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Penetrexx is an EPA registered Bio-Static product. The beauty of this technology is that it controls microorganisms without chemical poisons. Instead, it relies on electrically charged particles that have a unique spiked molecular structure. In nature, most microbes carry the opposite electrical they are physically and irresistibly drawn into contact with Penetrexx pointed molecules. The physical contact punctures the cell walls of the offending microbes. These molecular spikes are undetectable to human touch, but more than a match for single-cell organisms.

Perfect for use in hospitals, hospice care, long term care, rehabilitation centers, changing rooms, emergency vehicles, on medical devices and equipment, all businesses, retail, manufacturing plants, distribution centers, food service, fire departments, government buildings, where you want to inhibit the growth of microbes on high touch and high risks surfaces. Ready-to-Use formula available in 32 oz spray bottle.


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