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MB-26 Scrub

Soap Scum Cleaner I MB Stone Care I Deposit Cleaner


Removes stubborn water deposits, soap scum buildup and grime. Great for glass & metal too!

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MB-26 Scrub is formulated to safely remove stubborn water deposits, soap scum buildup, and grime from glass, stone, and metal surfaces. 

Outstanding on glass shower doors, glass tiles, sinks, porcelain, ceramics, granite, chrome, stainless steel and aluminum.

Environmentally safe, nonabrasive and easy to use. 

Restores your shower doors, faucets, sinks and more. 

Scrub Pad included. 

Not recommended for polished marble. Not for use on painted surfaces. For metal surfaces, always test an inconspicuous area first and go with the grain on stainless steel.

Directions for use: Wear gloves. Do not apply in sunlight. Use included scrub pad. Rub pad in a small circular pattern over the surface until fully restored. Do a small manageable area at a time. Allow to dry on surface and buff off with micro fiber or clean cotton cloth. Repeat if needed.


Made in the USA

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