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MB-23 All That Oxy!

MB-23 All That Oxy! - MB Stone Care & Supply LLC

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Oxygenated non-abrasive cleaner for stone surfaces stainless steel & even fabric.

MB-23 All That Oxy is an oxygenated, non-abrasive cleaner that is safe to use on stainless steel, stone, other hard surfaces, and fabric as well. Removes stains such as grease, ink, crayon, lipstick, blood, coffee, food soils and much more. Works great as a degreaser and has a fresh, clean scent too! All That Oxy is biodegradable, non-bleach and non-toxic.

Directions for use: Spray directly onto the surface and wipe off. Can also be sprayed onto a cloth or paper towel, then wiped over the surface. For heavily soiled areas, allow cleaner to dwell for a couple of minutes, without drying, before wiping away. It's just that easy! For fabric cleaning, do a test in an inconspicuous area first.

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