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MB-14 Refine Honing Kit

MB-14 Refine Honing Kit - MB Stone Care & Supply LLC

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MB-14 Refine Honing Kit includes:

(1) 8oz MB-14 Honing Powder 250 Grit

(1) 5 inch Drill Attachment w/Pad Driver

(2) 5 inch Hogs Hair Pads

(1) 5 inch White Pad

MB-14 Refine Honing Kit is an exclusive kit made specially for homeowners to be able to restore your stone surface back to a uniform honed finish. The only special tool needed is a variable speed drill, usually found with your household tools. Everything else is included with your kit. The MB-14 honing powder is made from inert (non-acidic and non-alkaline) ingredients. It is designed to remove medium scratch patterns and severe chemical etching. It provides a uniform flat finish. The following directions are an average recommendation. Different stones may require different quantities of product along with various techniques. If you are in doubt, don't hesitate to call 888-509-5831 for help using this product.

Directions for use: Always make sure to mask off and protect surfaces that could be splattered by product. Wear safety glasses and gloves. Make sure the surface is free of any coatings, waxes, sealers, grease, and/or soil. For best results, use a right-angle grinder/polisher (variable speed) with the included 5 inch drill attachment and hogs hair pad. Start by sprinkling product liberally on the target area to be honed - keeping it within the diameter of the pad to be used (5 inch diameter). If using with a right-angle grinder/polisher, use the hogs hair pad included with your kit, stay at a low speed and apply as much pressure as the machine can take before slowing to a stop. Follow a consistent, pre-determined working pattern to ensure an even result when finished. Keep the slurry wet by adding water when necessary. Add honing powder as needed. Keep working the slurry on the stone surface until desired result has been achieved. Rinse well and pick up the water using a wet/dry vac.

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