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Magic Renova DIY Kit

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Remove etch marks & polish like a pro with this DIY polishing kit.

Magic Renova DIY Kit includes:

(1) Drill Adapter 

(1) MB Standard Pad Driver - 3 inch or 5 inch

(1) Of Each Color Magic Renova Pad - Red, Orange, Yellow, Blue

(1) Bonastre Green Pad

(1) Set of Step-by-Step Instructions


The Magic Renova DIY Kit is easy to use and ideal to get into those small areas that need to be polished. This DIY polishing kit is great for polishing and restoring marble, travertine, and limestone (not for use on granite surfaces). It comes with easy to use, step-by-step instructions, which makes it great for residential use and for stone care professionals. All you need is water to use this kit, therefore making this kit very eco-friendly. However, polishing powders, such as MB-11 Touch Up or MB-22 E-Z Polish, may also be used in the last step if desired. This product can be used with or without a drill.  

Directions for use: Always use clean water with each step. If using a variable speed drill, adjust to medium speed. For other drills, feather the trigger to keep the speed down on the drill to avoid burning the abrasives. Follow the steps below until desired polish is achieved. Repeat process in areas where needed. Not for granite surfaces. Each step should only require approximately 20 passes with each pad.

Step 1 Red Pad - This first step will remove etch marks and minor scratches from the surface of the stone. To begin, add clean water to surface. Then, in a clockwise circular motion, buff the surface until there is a consistent matte finish. Rinse and dry the surface completely. Look to make sure surface looks uniform before continuing to the next step.

Step 2 Oranges Pad - This step will prepare the surface for a fine polished finish. Apply water to the surface, work in a clockwise circular motion until there are no scratches left on the surface from Step 1. Rinse and dry completely. Again, check for uniformity and make sure no scratches are left from the previous step.

Step 3 Yellow Pad - This step will create a high gloss, one you can see with a clear reflection from an angle. Apply clean water to surface and work in a clockwise circular motion until high gloss has been achieved and there are no scratches. Rinse and dry completely. Inspect your surface for uniformity before continuing to Step 4. Remember, the process ends when the desired finish is achieved. Continue to Step 4 if you desire a brighter look or a mirror finish to your stone.

Step 4 Blue Pad (and Green Pad) - This last step will create a mirror finish. Apply clean water and work in a clockwise circular motion until desired polish has been achieved. Rinse and dry completely. Repeat Step 4 one more time with fresh clean water. This will complete the process. 


Coverage for 3" Kit: 32 - 43 sq ft

Coverage for 5" Kit: 35- 45 sq ft

Find Out More About Our Marble Repair and Polishing Kit

What is the Magic Renova DIY Kit used for?

This DIY polishing kit can tackle both honed and polished surfaces. It is best for etching, stains, and minor surface scratches. Contact one of our stone care professionals before purchasing this product for scratches.

What polishing powders can I use with the kit?

If you use the kit properly, you may not need a polishing powder, but if you do, we have several options. You could try our MB-22, an easy-to-use product that provides excellent results. Should you need help finding the right polishing compound, please get in touch with us.

Does it come with marble polishing powder?

No, the kit does not come with a polishing powder, as you may not need them, especially if you have a honed surface. We don't want you to pay for more products you won't need!

What polishing equipment do I need to polish marble with the Magic Renova DIY Kit?

The only other item you will need with this kit is the drill itself. Any basic hand drill you have at home should work fine. If you’re unsure, just give us a call.

How do I know which pad to use?

The kit comes with directions, and the pads are color coded for easy use. We have stone care professionals ready to answer your questions and walk you through the process, so get in touch with us if you need assistance.

What natural stones can I use the kit on?

This kit is designed for polishing and restoring marble, travertine, and limestone. If you aren't sure about whether this kit is suitable for a particular surface, please send us a few pictures, and we will offer some advice.

Do I need prior knowledge before polishing marble surfaces with the kit?

Our marble polishing kit was designed for easy use and is perfect for a homeowner or do-it-yourselfer.

Can I use the kit to remove etch marks and dull spots on my countertop?

Absolutely. We recommend the kit often when the etch is too rough or the marble is too dark for our MB-11 Touch Up Etch Remover.

Does it remove scratches and more extensive damage?

This kit is used to polish marble and remove minor surface scratches, but nothing more, and it is not guaranteed. We recommend you contact one of our MB Professionals before purchasing this to use on a scratched surface.

Will the polished marble be slippery?

The reality is that damp or dusty conditions can make polished surfaces slippery. However, a dry polished marble surface shouldn't be overly slick when adequately maintained. To reduce the chance of stumbling after polishing marble surfaces, we advise ensuring that the stone is always dry.

Is a pad driver included with the kit?

Yes! You get a three or five-inch pad driver for polishing marble, depending on which size kit you purchase.

Can I use the Magic Renova DIY Kit on black and white marble?

Absolutely! You can use this kit to polish marble surfaces of all kinds. In fact, we often recommend it to polish marble that is darker in color where other products may not work effectively. This means that whether your marble floors, bathroom walls, or countertops are made from white or black marble, our kit can help to restore them.

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