* How to Get the Most Out of Your Marble Countertop

* How to Get the Most Out of Your Marble Countertop


Let’s face it – marble countertops are a significant investment, which means people want to see as much of them as possible instead of covering their etches with different kitchen items.

As the kitchen is the heart of every home, it should be an inviting focal point where your gleaming marble countertops will await your tasty culinary creation and be prepared for homework or snack time.

Having a great-looking marble countertop requires discipline, practical organization, and a marble repair kit as well. To help you, we have pulled together a list of five tips on how to make the most of your marble countertops and keep them looking great all year around.

5 Steps to Great-Looking Marble Countertops

1. Sealer Applications

Before you even lay the first item on your marble countertop, think about applying sealer. Just like most natural stones, marble easily absorbs liquids – it is a porous material.

Luckily, a protective sealer is in charge of repelling spills and stains. Therefore, it is not bad to apply a protective sealer every year or two for the best results.

2. Marble Repair Kit Is To The Rescue

No matter how hard you try to keep your marble countertops in perfect shape, dull watermarks and etches all over the marble are unavoidable.

Marble etching occurs upon contact with acidic drinks and foods like wine, soda, coffee, alcohol, vinegar, bleach, and so on. However, all this could be easily fixed by using a marble repair kit, which is very important if you want to stop the chemical reaction that slowly but gradually degrades the marble.


3. Regular Cleaning and Care

Although a sealer and marble repair kit helps a lot, it is essential to care for your marble countertops daily by wiping up any spills or cleaning splatters as soon as possible.

Regularly clean your marble countertop with one of the mild cleaners approved for marble cleaning – bear in mind not to use anything abrasive.

4. Cutting Boards, Trivets, and Trays


Regardless that marble is a durable material, it needs some attention to keep it looking good. Use your cutting board when preparing food, and forget about slicing ingredients right over the marble countertop surface without cutting boards.

Get some hot pads and trivets to place under the hot pans and pots and free up some space by holding your kitchen miscellaneous stuff on a decorative tray.

5. Give Kitchen Gadgets A Home

Because of the convenience – whether it comes to a coffee maker, toaster, microwave, and everything in between that you use daily – you might be tempted to hold them on your marble countertops.

However, think of mounting some of the appliances to the walls or installing a built-in garage to keep them close at hand and protect your marble.

The Takeaway

Marble countertops are way more than just another place to put things when you are not using them. Being careful of what goes on the kitchen marble countertops makes the difference in stain and damage.



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