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Granite & Marble Chip Repair Kit

Granite Repair Kit I Granite Chip Repair Kit I MB Stone Care


Easy to use for non-structural & structural issues.


Granite & Marble Chip Repair Kit includes:

(1) 3oz LiquaGlass Chip Filler (1.5oz part A, 1.5oz part B)

(1) 1 1/2" x 60yd Masking Tape

(10) Single Edge Razor Blades

(10) Mixing Sticks

(10) Mixing Cups

(5) Pairs of Latex Gloves

(1) 1/4 Liter Tenax Hydrex Sealer (covers 40-50sqft)

(1) Set of Instructions


Granite & Marble Chip Repair Kit is a complete granite & marble chip repair kit that is easy to use to repair chips, non-structural fissures or even structural cracks in granite. 

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