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Easy Scrub Deep Cleaning Cream

Easy Scrub Deep Cleaning Cream - MB Stone Care & Supply LLC

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Easy Scrub Deep Cleaning Cream works great on countertops, showers and floors!

Removes water spots from glass surfaces.
Removes soap film.
Cleans dried food and drink.
Removes oil and grease from surfaces.
Good for an everyday deep cleanser too!

Works on marble, granite, engineered quartz, glass, tile, stainless steel, appliances and more!

Available in quart size bottle. Also available in case quantities of 12 quarts. Call 888-509-5831 for case pricing.



Apply a liberal amount of Easy Scrub to the surface and scrub by hand or with a low RPM machine using a soft white pad, non abrasive scouring pad, or the appropriate Melamine pad. Rinse any remaining residue with Easy Oxy or similar stone surface cleaner and buff dry with a microfiber towel. 



Made in the USA

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Easy Scrub Cleaner

Do you want to know more about our glass cleaning cream? Read the answers to some of the most-asked questions in the section below.

Is this scrubber cream only for stone and glass surfaces?

Absolutely not. It works great for removing mineral deposits from marble, granite countertops, travertine showers, glass shower doors, engineered quartz, tile, stainless steel surfaces, appliances, and more!

Will it cause my metal framing and faucets to rust?

Rust occurs when water remains on metal surfaces long enough for oxidation to occur. If you follow the instructions carefully and buff the surface dry with a microfiber towel after applying the cleaning scrub, you should not see any rusting..

Can I use this stone glass scrub as an everyday cleaner?

This is a specialty heavy-duty cleaner and is not made to be used every day as a daily cleaner. If you need something for simple everyday messes, check out our Easy Oxy Multi-Surface Cleaner.

How do I clean glass shower enclosures with the Easy Scrub Deep Cleaning Cream?

Apply a liberal amount of Easy Scrub cleaner to the surface and scrub by hand or with a low RPM machine using a very soft abrasive white pad or non-abrasive scouring pad. Remove any remaining residue with Easy Oxy Multi-surface Cleaner or similar stone surface cleaner and buff dry with a microfiber towel.

Is a low-speed buffing machine essential? What are the benefits of using one to clean stone and glass surfaces?

A low-speed buffing machine is not a must-have, but it does help to scrub clean larger areas for a quicker finish time and easier cleaning with less elbow grease.

Can I use this product on polished stone?

Yes. This stone scrub offers easy stone care for polished granite countertops and other polished stone surfaces.

Why do mineral deposits form on stone and glass surfaces?

Everything but hydrogen and oxygen is left behind when the water has evaporated from a glass or stone surface. If this occurs repeatedly, the mineral deposits in the water may bind to the surface and create a condition known as "water spotting," in which the glass constantly looks stained. Organic cleaning agents can help remove the deposits and make the polished stone and glass surface look good again.

I am a little confused about which product to use on my glass shower doors and granite countertops. Where can I find more information?

You can watch the video tutorial above for more information on this product. However, if you are new to our line of products, we recommend getting in touch with our team before you purchase a product for your glass shower doors and natural stone surfaces.

Is this product available in bulk?

If you'd like to purchase this heavy-duty cleaner in bulk, you'll be happy to know that it is available in case quantities of 12 quarts. Need more information about our stone and glass scrub? Our team is happy to answer any questions you may have! Give us a call at 888-509-5831, reach out to us on social media, or send an email to

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