* DIY Marble & Granite Cleaners for Your Home

* DIY Marble & Granite Cleaners for Your Home

DIY Marble Granite Cleaners for Your Home

Natural stones are one way of bringing lavishness and a distinct aroma to your home. And though they are shiny and reflective when you first buy them, constant maintenance is required to ensure they are in their tip-top condition. If your natural stone surfaces have aged and worn, then checking these products out might help you find the perfect solution to your problem. This list will be featuring some of our best-selling and innovative products. From kits to value packs to standalone purchases, there is going to be something for everyone here!

MB-15 Stone Glow


The MB-15 Stone Glow hand surface cleaner is a fantastic tool to polish, spray, and beautify your aged stone surfaces and bring them back to life. Additionally, it is also effective on other hard surfaces like ceramic, wood, glass, and of course, natural stones! We guarantee its safety to use in the day-to-day and are being used by thousands of professionals and homeowners who have the same passion for natural stones and beautifying them. The MB-15 Stone Glow is available to purchase in Quartz or Gallon size and has several guides which you can follow to ensure your surfaces’ comeback to beauty.

MB-5 Stone & More Value Pack


The MB-5 Stone & More Value Pack is perfect for those finding a bang-for-buck option. In this value pack, 2 Quartz of MB-5 Stone & More is included. You not only save big, but you also get a package that will quickly clean surfaces and your precious natural stones. Also excellent for cleaning bath and kitchen countertops.

Stain Reaper – 1 lb


The Stain Reaper removes any clogged dirt, oil, and other substances that may be causing your marbles and stones to be dirty. It is an easy-to-use paste with an estimated coverage of 4 to 6 square ft, dependent on the stone’s porosity.

A reminder that surfaces and air temperatures should be at a minimum of 50 degrees Fahrenheit. Not following this reminder may cause damage and harm to surfaces and masonry.

MB-2 Alkaline HD Kit


The MB-2 Alkaline HD Kit is a high-quality kit that caters to consumers who want to clean the toughest soils and dirt from surfaces. The kit is biodegradable with innovative technologies that make it one of our best offerings to date. You also save big as the kit contains the following:

  • 1 Quart of MB-2 Alkaline HD,
  • 1 Spray Bottle,
  • And 1 Grout Brush

The MB-2 Alkaline HD Kit is truly a top-notch product with carefully thought-out formulas that make it a compelling choice for customers. We advise customers who purchase this kit to read the directions carefully as it can be extensive with its required proportions. The directions for use can be found on the product page.

MB-19 Stainless Steel Wipes


The MB-19 Stainless Steel Wipes is another one in our catalog with a powerful formula that is curated to polish and beautify your surfaces from top to bottom. It can remove hard stains, smudges, dirt, and anything under the sun. They not only clean appliances but also shine and give them the wow factor from the day you bought them. The MB-19 Stainless Steel Wipes will also work flawlessly on other types of materials like brass, chrome, and many more.

Don’t know what to do with your kit?

We got hundreds of guides on our website ready for you to read! With every routine and product, we have a carefully thought-out article that is easy to follow and reproduce. These guides will range from kitchen top cleaning to bathroom sanitary and more. We also have dedicated guides for each kit and bundle so you would know how well they go together. You can check out our guides here.

These guides contain the steps and directions to use and routines, and optimal environments to look out for when restoring/cleaning. We take our time to explain every detail as we want to make sure you can follow and get the best results when using our products. We also provide you with tips and tricks that you can use for polishing and restoration, and overall sanitation.

Why Choose MB Stone Care?

At MB Stone Care, we want nothing more than to give customers the best products we have for cleaning and polishing. We are a company with over 20 years of experience in the industry, and with those years of experience, we guarantee the utmost satisfaction and quality. This list featured some of our best-selling products that cater to both homeowners and professionals alike. If you still cannot find the right product for your needs in this list, then head over to our online store, where you can browse all of our products.

Our products are not only for polishing too! They are also great for cleaning and sanitizing surfaces of many types. We offer products that are well fitted for bath and shower care, sealing and color enhancing, etch and stain removers, floor care, countertop care, sprayers and accessories, cleaners, polish, and sanitizers. You can also check out their respective reviews and see what other people think of our products. We are partnered with TrustSpot in making sure that the reviews on our products are authentic and by real people who have tried our products and want to give their two cents on them.

Furthermore, we also have a complete resources section for our products. Meaning you can rest easy knowing that they are 100% safe and effective. We take stride in ensuring that your natural stones are of tip-top quality and that our products are the solution for it. If you need professional help and advice with restoration, you can locate the nearest restoration professional and get the assistance you need. We are located at 3195 Airport Blvd Suite G, Wilson, NC 27896. If you have any questions, thoughts, or feedback, please email us at You may also contact us at 1(888) 509-5831 for more information and inquiries or check our website for the complete details.


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