* Complete Marble Care and Maintenance

* Complete Marble Care and Maintenance


Marble is the one material that easily adds a touch of elegance to any interior, and the fact that you can use it anywhere in the home is even better. Whether it be showers, floors, countertops, or the backsplash, there is no surface or section of the house you cannot transform with marble. The only issue is, marble requires dedicated care to maintain its sleekness and extend its lifetime. This article will provide you with a complete marble care and maintenance guide.

General Marble Care Tips

There are certain basic marble maintenance tips you should follow, which include;

Clean Marble Surfaces Immediately After Use

When you clean up immediately after use, it prevents any damage from spreading. It is the most basic marble care action. It saves most of the problems associated with marble from happening. Even in the case of stains, the affected area is limited, and it is much easier to clear than later when they are permanently etched in the surface.

Use Marble Cleaners Only

Marble is a demanding material when it comes to cleaners. The general home cleaner will not work as they could have acid and other harsh chemicals that, instead of cleaning, further etch into the marble. You need to get specialized marble cleaners. stocks some of the best marble surface cleaners, which makes your shopping easier.

Be Careful with Acids Around Your Marble

Acids are one of the biggest threats to your marble surfaces. Acids eat out the surface and expose the ordinary-looking marble underneath. You can easily confuse acid etch marks for water or staining. While it is possible to remove etch marks, it is a much more difficult task than preventing exposure to acids in the first place.


Immediately Spot Clean After Spills

Stains are also a problematic challenge. However, they only happen when given time to penetrate the bottom layer. However, if you clean immediately after spills, you can prevent most of the stains from forming on your marbles.

Protect Marble Floors with Rugs and Mats

You can use mats, rugs, and runners in areas of high traffic to protect your marble. The rugs and other coverings protect places like entrances and exits by getting the dirt from your shoes and preventing it from getting to your marble, where it can cause damage.

Regularly Remove Dirt on Your Marble Floors

Dirt particles scratch and dull the surface of your marble floor. Over time this damage adds up, and it causes problems down the line. You can prevent this by sweeping and mopping all marble surfaces to remove the dirt. You should conduct the sweeping and mopping several times a week.

Seal Your Marble Floor

Seal and reseal your marble surfaces whenever necessary. Sealing makes it simple to care for the marble and also keeps out stains. Be sure to know whether your marble needs sealing and the right products to use.

Use Trivets, Cutting Boards, and Coasters

The kitchen countertop can be one of the most challenging places to keep stain-free. However, you can prevent most of the damage by using a protective surface. For example, cutting boards will help prevent juices from food from getting to the countertop. They will also prevent scratching from the knife. On the other hand, coasters will help protect against damage from glasses, bottles, and cans. Use trivets under hot pans and other hot dishes.

Tips for Choosing the Right Marble Cleaner

Marble is sensitive to brash and harsh chemicals, especially ones containing acid. Avoid using products containing vinegar, orange, and lemon as part of the ingredients. Do not use products made for other surfaces like granite countertops or your bathroom tile and toilet cleaners on marble.

The Options You Have for A Marble Cleaner Include;

  • A pH-Neutral Cleaner: A pH-neutral cleaner is safe to use, and you can recognize it from the label. Find one designed for marble surfaces, and be sure to examine the other ingredients. Even then, test any new cleaner on a small surface on the floor before using it everywhere.
  • Homemade cleaners: Alternatively, you can create a simple marble cleaner using mild dish soap and warm water. Place the solution in a spray bottle and shake it before using it to clean your countertops after use.

Be sure to check on the kind of brush or cloth you use to do the cleaning. Hard scrubbing brushes should only be spared for the occasional removal of stubborn stains. You should only use a chamois or soft cotton cloth to clean or dry a wet marble surface in all other instances.

Mistakes to Avoid in Marble Care and Maintenance

Using Lemon, Orange, Vinegar, Hydrogen Peroxide, Or Ammonia for Cleaning

All the above chemicals are excellent for most home cleaning but not on marble. They are either too acidic or caustic that they will form an etch on the marble surface. Often all you need is a sponge and hot water to clean the marble surface daily. For weekly deep cleaning, get the specialized marble cleaner.

Placing Chemical Products and Items on Countertops

It is tempting to place products on your kitchen and bathroom countertops. In the bathroom, such items include perfumes, toothpaste, nail products, and creams. These items include drinks, cooking oil, and even prepping food on the countertop without a cover underneath in the kitchen. These items can easily stain the marble surface. Ensure you use a tray for your kitchen and toiletry products.

Use Marble Surfaces as A Workbench

As tempting as it may seem, you should not use your countertop or marble floor tile as a working area. The nails, screws, hammers, and other tools will scratch the surface and gorge your marble. Worse, should you drop anything heavy on the surface, it will create stun marks that you cannot repair or remove.

Mable care and maintenance often come down to preventing the damage from happening and using the right cleaning product. At, you are saved the hustle of looking for the right marble cleaning product. We have a variety of stone care cleaners and sealants, and you are guaranteed to find the best one for your marble.



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